Italian Pizza Kitchen Coming to Woodley Park

Italian Pizza Kitchen will be located at 2608 Connecticut Ave, NW in the building currently getting renovated and housing the Debonair Cleaners. It’ll be on the left hand side of this rendering:

Italian Pizza Kitchen currently has a location at 4483 Connecticut Ave NW. You can see their menu here. According to their liquor license application:

“Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Occasional karaoke – No nude performances. Sidewalk café with 24 seats. Seating capacity is 70. Total occupancy is 150.”

Nude karaoke certainly would’ve been interesting…

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  • A pizzeria with no nude performances? That’s preposterous!

  • IPK is the beast. I go to the one on u street at least once a week. IPK will be the only acceptable eatery (other than sushi tono) on that block.

    • That is the old location of Venice Pizzaria. Many a highschool afternoon wasted there playing pacman and eating their reheated pizza. mmm. I’ve never been to Italian Pizza kitchen but Pizza is something Woodley Park is missing.

  • Are there pizza kitchens that are not Italian?

  • A good pizza place in the neighborhood would be awesome. Too bad this project doesn’t look like it will be finished any time soon.

  • The pizza, for the price, is surprisingly OK. The times I’ve been though, I’ve ended up waiting FOREVER. Maybe it’s because I normally go on Sunday afternoons…

  • Open City has good pizza and they just started offering a gluten free option!!

  • I realize we get mostly hotel tourist business at the restaurants in Woodley Park, but ANOTHER Italian place?
    We have two already – Cafe Paradiso and Trattoria Italiano, as well as Pizze (below Petits Plats).
    I guess I can always hope that perhaps this will drive Trattoria Italiano out of business!

  • Trattoria Italiano is literally the WORST restaurant I have ever eaten at in my life. POP, can you do a post about who owns this place and how they stay in business??? I am almost positive they are serving chef-boy-ar-dee and charging $27.50 for the privilege.

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