House of the Day

Incredible building from Embassy row. The details always stop me dead in my tracks, though as has been noted before, it can use an upgrade to central air.

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  • ah

    That pop-up is totally out of character with the rest of the row.

  • i have actually been in this house over 10 years ago… it was sinking and had a big crack going through it. but the amazing thing was the all black and mirrored catholic chapel that was built into it. like a mini gothic church with mirrors on ALL surfaces. (i hope its still in in there)

  • love the top windows… i can see peter pan flying up to them and checking in on wendy.

  • I appreciate that if they still have window units, it means there’s a chance that the interior has kept some historical details, and hasn’t been gutted to accommodate monster ducts and drywalled up.

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