Horse’s Ass Award Nominee – 12th and S St, NW (Reader Request)

“Dear PoP,

Do you know anything about the property on the corner of 12th and s nw? it doesn’t seem like there’s been any progress for months and it’s starting to get vandalized (broken window, graffiti).”

Sadly, we’ve looked at this property on many occasions, last in March 2009. I dare say it looked better then (see photo below). I have to agree with the reader here – this definitely deserves a horse’s ass award in my opinion. Do any readers who live nearby happen to know what’s going on? Is it a case of the developer/builder simply running out of money?

It’s a great location so I’d imagine if it ever got fixed up all the way it’d be rented/sold in a heartbeat. Well, in the meantime we’ll have to add it to the list…

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  • I love the architecture and the front window

  • It’s really sad to see a property come that far, only to take such a huge step back. It’s not a very nice representation of the neighborhood.

  • we live nearby and i was close to nominating this property for a horse’s ass award. the last time we tried to find out our googling suggested that the place had been close to being in trouble for not paying taxes (about a year ago) but the lien was lifted. There seems to have been no/very little renovations for a year or so – very sad as at one point it seemed relatively close to being finished and it is in such a great location.

  • I LOVE this house. Walk by it often and am disheartened by its progress and state. I would love to take it off the hands of the owner and fix it up. So much potential.

  • I was surprised to see so many meters out front…how many condos can you put in one small building? Also, if you look in the little garage, they dug WAY down to apparently make it a 2-story “apartment” but it has a lot (a foot) of standing water in it. Bizarre. Unrelated – like the new captcha system

  • My understanding is that this was a spec project undertaken by some people just trying to “get into the game.” Obviously there were money issues.

  • Last time I walked by (okay DROVE by) I noticed it had been tagged a few times. Lovely.

    The new captcha certainly is colorful!

  • Developer ran out of money and cost of work became more than they could get for the property – was going to be 2 units w/basement roughed out for unit or family room. Garage was going to be 2BR 2.5 BA separate unit and main house 4BR/3.5 BA. Will be taken back by the bank and sold as foreclosure but the bank takes time – from a local realtor

  • When I first moved to DC 8 years ago I lived at 10th & S St. NW and it was an old ugly windowless house used as a church at that point. It was then sold and razed and the progress of rebuilding this property began…7 years later this is where they are. Sadly, this is a massive improvement of what it was originally.

  • Those were expensive windows and there were a lot of them so ouch on that expense.

  • Developers don’t ‘run out of money’. They only choose to ditch specific investments.

    I don’t know what the deal is with this property. But it looks like they tried to convert it into many, many condos. What may have happened is that they started all the work, but are unable to get condo papers from the city because of various zoning/parking restrictions. In other words, they have X condos and they can’t sell any of them.

    On 1800 N Capitol, there is a nice house that was split into 4 condos. The woman did all the work. But apparently she tried to stick too many condos in that building and the building never got the condo papers. So she ditched it and now the bank owns it and it has been vacant for ages.

  • I live a block away, and this house has been under development for over 5 years. Current owner lives on 1300 block of Q street but has left this house to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Rumored that bank is repossessing.

  • I saw someone cutting the grass there last week. It was the first time in years I’ve seen anyone on the property.

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