Historical Horse’s Award? Nominee – 600 Block of D St, SE

This property on the 600 block of D St, SE is gigantic. It is cool property in and of itself (taking up almost a full block) but then I spotted the historical connection – General George Washington stayed here:

Apparently “The Maples” was built in 1797 and later became “The Friendship House” under the United Way:

It seems the property sold in March 2010 for $2,600,000 (asking price was $5,500,000). That seems like good news. Anyone know what the plans are here?

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  • It’s like a Mayan ruin, but more recent, and with a price tag.

  • It’s one of the oldest buildings on Capitol Hill. The non-profit that owned and occupied the place was disastrously managed at the end. They mortgaged the place to the hilt during the Bubble. They told the bank it was to repair the building. They instead sank the money into their money-bleeding non-profit services. That eventually caught up to them and they went completely under. Bank repossessed the property. I don’t know where the non-profit ended up.

  • A developer purchased the building and is planning a comprehensive rehab — construction should start soon. Condos in the old building and new townhouses on the NC Ave side.

  • Funny you run into this because last week The Hill is Home had a story on the Maples.


    • Prince Of Petworth

      From the photo they show that looks like a different property than the one I saw.

      • Nope, that’s it.

        The house is slated to become condos, I believe. At first it was going to be daycare/healthcare/comprehensive family well being center type deal. And then PETA was looking at the property, but last I heard it’s going to be condos.

  • PoP, if you want to see what the house really looks like, you need to walk around to the South Carolina Avenue side. It really is a neat old plantation house, and I hope it can be brought back to its orginal condition – or at least better than what it looks like now.

    4 or 5 years ago, my friend and I were out walking around the area on a Sunday afternoon. There were kids playing outside here, and it looked like the door to the original house was open; we wandered up, walked right in – no one stopped us. Peeked in the old parlors and dining room (used for offices), walked upstairs, and then – this was cool – walked up the the 3rd-floor attic! I always love to see the “unseen” areas in these grand old places. The attic is basically unfinished, and looks how I imagine it did 213 years ago. Tried to look for a basement door, but it was locked…

  • It seems like George Washington really slept around a lot!

  • The marker across the street notes that Francis Scott Key bought and renovated it in the early 1800s. So that’s cool.

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