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  • Ooooh, I SO absolutely LOVE this!!

  • The onion is part of the art. It’s post-modern, in the same vein as “this is not a pipe”.

    (I have no idea, really. Sounds plausible, though, eh?)

    • I’m hoping the graffiti was there before the cactus, or has some unrelated meaning. It makes me cringe to think it could be someone’s idea of irony.

  • That is perfect! It makes me happy. 🙂

  • Wow, these inner city punks really don’t know their botany, do they?

  • the “onion” graffiti’s been there. the cactus is great.

  • i live right at this corner.

    the onion graffiti has been there for years. he’s (she’s?) a known artist in DC. it’s actually done quite nicely and i think adds to the metal fire alarm thing. it’s not like random scribble.

    ok so at least since i’ve been living there someone in the neighborhood (or maybe several someones) have put little action figures or small toys in that spot. they’re always hilarious but don’t ever last long as neighborhood kids seem to like them. the cactus was a great idea bc no one’s going to take it and it looks pretty cool. been there for a few weeks and i think it’s a great addition to the already artsy piece.

  • Some prick done smashed this cactus to bits.

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