Good Deal or Not? “tucked away on quiet cul de sac” edition

This house is located at 8 Snows Ct, NW:

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The flier says:

“FABULOUS and CHARMING home tucked away on quiet cul de sac in Foggy Bottom. Stylishly updated w/ newer appliances & utilities, home is perfect for individual seeking convenience of location & an immediately available turn-key home. Furniture conveys w/ right offer. Confidently selling ‘as-is’ w/ Home Warranty. MUST SEE – this is a rare gem of a find.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This is a pretty wild 1 bed/1 bath house. I always thought 2 bedroom were the smallest houses out there. Think it’ll go for $419,000?

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  • wow… TINY.

  • I lived in a house exactly like that on Parker St NE of H St. Funny thing is that is sold for that much in 2006.

  • It may be worth that much, but never to me. I think someone is being mislead by the 8 month 60% increase (post renovation) back on 2004. Seems like most would prefer a 2 bdr condo for the same price in the same area. Yea an end house with a great yard is yummy though but I would rather have a short metro ride and at least have a second bedroom in a small house in another location.

  • I have a 1 bedroom mini-rowhome in Shaw that is going for $279,000, that location is somewhat safer but I think they will have to go lower- say 350,000. Plus there is plent of room to add on in the back.

  • Wow. Foggy Bottom must be an entirely different market than even, say, Dupont. A 1 BR for $419,000? Whatevs! I can’t wrap my head around that one.

    • I also wonder if the ambulance-related noise is a concern with the hospital so close. Or the college party-related noise.

      • Thinking the same thing. Seems like a lot of cement/parking next that side window. I bet it’s LOUD

      • I used to live on 25th street, down the alley from there and there was no noticeable ambulance or college party noise that I can remember. K Street traffic is probably louder than both.

      • I used to live in an apartment building that overlooks this alley, and this house, so seeing this post made me laugh out loud- for two years I passed by this house every day. The noise from this ambulances are not so bad, since there’s a large apartment building, as well as the hospital itself, between this house and the emergency entrance to GWUH. There are, however, a few college group houses on that block, so the noise from drunk GW students is considerable. Also, the alley its on leads directly into a church parking lot, so on Sundays the traffic would have heavy traffic.

    • I think a lot of nicer 1brs in the Dupont area sell in the low 400s, maybe even most. This place seems like an okay deal if the layout and the space works for you.

      • Yeah, I looked on craigslist a little while ago and saw that there were indeed 1BRs in Dupont for around this price. I stand corrected.

  • Seeing as how 1 BR condos go for that much – at the top end of the range – having a two-level house with a big yard seems pretty good deal. That said, I don’t know the 1BR house market at all.

    • I agree. Especially when you factor in the lack of condo fees.

    • Agreed– I don’t know a whole lot about the condo market, but I know people who paid $300-400 for 1-bedroom condos in less desirable places like Arlington. They could’ve taken what they’d pay in condo fees and gotten a cute house in a better neighborhood.

  • I went to GW and I have to say, I definitely think this will sell at that price.

    As for the noise, that part of 25th St. is just about as quiet as it gets in DC.

  • 9 Snow’s Court was featured in PoP earlier this year for rent furnished and was recently for sale as well, I think it was taken off the sale market and is again for rent. This would be a great opportunity to combine two teeny houses into a nice spot in the city.

  • The house next door is for sale for $424K

  • these seems appropriately priced. so cute – love the backyard.

  • You’d also be right by Trader Joe’s!

  • I can’t comment on the price, but the place is really cool so long as you don’t have a bunch of junk.

  • Great place to keep a string of GWU mistresses and their little dogs too.

  • If I worked at the State Department, I’d totally want this as my bachelor pad, er ‘residence for diplomatic affairs.’

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