Good Deal or Not? “office with a Murphy bed” edition

This house is located at 1111 V St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Welcome to this spectacular renovated home with grand open spaces. The living room has a beautiful bay window and a gas FP, separate dining area, wonderful gourmet kitchen with SS appl. , granite counter tops and a small breakfast area. There is a master bedroom suite, a 2nd bedroom/office with a Murphy bed and a W/ D. It has been freshly painted inside & out and new carpet just installed.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I’m an admitted sucker for bay windows but what do you think of the house itself? It was originally going for $639,900 but is now on the market for $599,900. Does that sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • I can’t really comment on the location – but I was in one of these (much further east) a few weeks ago and was absolutely stunned by how tiny, tiny, tiny they are! This one seems nicely done and open feeling, but still…a tad cramped for my tastes.

    • Most of these type of two-story row-houses are between 1100 and 1300 sq ft i think. Of course the square footage goes up if you do an addition on the back or a pop-up. Of course a lot of people prefer these to Condos because they are ‘Fee Simple’ (w/o condo fees). Based on the location, i think it could probably come down $30K – $50K.

  • Based on the aerial shot, it looks like this house extends further back than its neighbors so maybe it’s not as cramped as the others? But I think there was a discussion awhile back about how these tiny houses were essentially the size of a condo, just on two floors and you don’t have to pay condo fees (or deal with neighbors sharing every wall). I can’t comment on the price because everything in this area is out of my price range!

  • I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again… U Street is overpriced.

    • How is U Street overpriced? It really makes no sense to generalize an entire neighborhood. If the prices are higher there its because there is demand for it. Only a specific property or building can be. Once you get into a neighborhood like that it just comes down to taste. What you basically mean is that you don’t like it. You prefer Dupont or Petworth or somewhere else. That’s fine, but the U Street neighborhood itself is not overpriced.

      • Ok, overrated then.


        • You’re right. I mean, all it has going for it are its character, history, great restaurants, a variety of bars for all budgets and a vibrant music scene to a neighborhood. Who needs that?

          • yeah and its safe!

          • It’s safe as long as some of the upstanding members of the Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights community stay out.

          • Yes, because no other neighborhood in DC has character, history, great restaurants, and a variety of bars for all budgets.

            I will agree with you that the music scene is unique to U Street and may be a selling point for some.

        • That said, I think this place might be a bit high. It is a beautiful home though – I’ve walked by many times and it doesn’t look small from the outside.

  • I am no expert but this still feels a bit overpriced – most especially in today’s market.

    I live on the Hill (yes it is a totally different market) but have good access to 2 Metros and 2 groceries have a finished basement, 2 bedroom, only 1.5 baths, and a corner unit with a nice yard, – but in today’s market I just don’t think I could get anywhere close to that (though I haven’t talked to a realtor).

    • Agreed. Prices on the Hill have skyrocketed in the past year, and I considered U Street when it seemed I was being priced out, but the Hill still appears to be a much better value. The property in question would go for something like $500k in the heart of the Hill, $400k if it were up near H Street or east of 15th.

  • anon. gardener

    it looks tiny. I’m not sure how i feel about painting the ductwork yellow. and the lack of landscaping in the front is atrocious. you’re asking 600K, and you can’t spend a hundred bucks on fixing up the front garden? Lame. That bad first impression would influence (negatively) how I view the rest of the house.

  • I think this is priced about right. If you want to live in this neighborhood there really aren’t many options.

    • Totally agree. There’s limited stock in the U Street market, which drives up the prices a bit. Even if this is priced high (I’m not sure it is) it isn’t off the mark by much.

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