Good Deal or Not? “bathroom clad entirely in tumbled Travertine” edition

This home is located at 1860 Upshur St, NW:

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The flier says:

“This Greek Revival house has been masterfully renovated, from the gourmet kitchen to the spectacular master bathroom clad entirely in tumbled Travertine. The house maintains its original charm throughout while being brought to today’s exacting expectations. Beautifully landscaped garden, attached garage, two fireplaces and potential au pair suite make this a great offering in Crestwood.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Wow, I didn’t think the virtual tour was gonna be that sweet. That’s a fantastic kitchen. What’s your favorite room? So this house has been on the market for 149 days. Original asking was $895,000. It’s now on the market for $799,000. What do you think it’ll go for?

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  • I think it’ll sell at or above. That place is mad awesome.

  • It’s awesome.

  • Unless there is something that we don’t know about (sink hole? earthquake fault? groundhog infestation?) – that place is a seriously good deal.

  • I wonder why the owner is selling. Is it because the garage won’t fit an Escalade? LOL

  • I drive past this house on my work commute and I feel it has been on the market more than not. I would guess it’s been bought and sold three times in the last 4 years… It makes you think something is up with this place.

  • May be it’s honted.

  • Beautiful house – can I live there if I had to look up tumbled Travertine?

  • Places in Crestwood aren’t selling. It’s strange- one of the few places that was hotter in the early 2000’s than it is now.

    • I would love to live in Crestwood. I guess transplants are scared off because they don’t want to think about taking buses or paying a lot to park in the city everyday. Plus it doesn’t have a lot of the name brand appeal of Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, AU Park, etc.

      • Don’t forget about schools… I’ve heard some good things about West and Shepherd elementary schools, but the DC schools that consistently perform the best are west of the park. Where you also can get a house for about $800k. Given that choice, I have to admit that I’d look west, too.

      • It’s not just transportation/location, it’s also the schools. The difference between Chevy Chase and Crestwood is that the neighborhood elementary school in Chevy Chase is one of the best in the District, while the neighborhood school in Crestwood is average at best. If you don’t have/don’t plan to have kids, or if you know you will send your kids to private school, then Crestwood is a great neighborhood with beautiful homes (and you can certainly get a lot more for your money than you would west of Rock Creek Park). If you have kids and want to send them to public school, then living in Crestwood means either sending them to the not-great neighborhood school or hoping to get lucky in the charter or out of boundary lotteries. I agree that this is a beautiful home that seems like a pretty good value. We have young kids who will be in school soon and weren’t willing to consider Crestwood because of the school issue.

    • Ditto on the school issue. You can get a house in the same school boundary for a lot less money, no diss on the neighborhood schools but for that kind of money DC parents will generally sacrifice and buy a slightly less nice house for a Janey-Lafayette-Key-Mann-Murch or Oyster in bounds location.

    • Um, it could also be that prices are just too high…I know, I know, the chorus if “if I only had the money, I’d definitely pay this price”…I suspect the supply of people who actually do have this kind of money is limited and there are other, more desirable options for this price.

      Apostasy, I know.

      Nice house, and I love Crestwood too.

  • maybe its the lava lamp?

  • The house is attractive, and well-priced, but the realtor is living in the year 2000 if he/she thinks that tumbled travertine is anything special – it ain’t. That look is already dated.

    I love that the woodwork is unpainted. Charming little house…

  • 800 is pretty high for only 3 BR in this neighborhood- that money could get you a similar sized house west of the park (or a 4/5 BR house here or in Mt Pleasant)

  • If you were on that side of 16th Street you usually went to school west of the park to Wilson High, Deal Jr High and Janney Elementary anyway but you are right about the location. If you actually lived in the Tenleytown/Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase area the price of housing starts about $100,000+ higher.

  • I love the look of tumbled travertine but it always seemed like an impractical bathroom material. Mildew pockets anyone?

    • yes! we have a lot of marble in our condo and it is a pain to clean. I don’t want to use anything too harsh on it for fear of harming the stone, so that means either a moldy shower or lots of elbow grease . . .

    • I dunno, we’ve had our shower walls in tumbled travertine for years with no mildew problems whatsoever. Normal cleaning like you would do regular tile.

  • Damn, didn’t realize that what was in my newly purchased condo (renovated circa 2005).

  • Greek Revival? LOL….

  • ah

    I would drape myself in tumbled Travertine if it were socially acceptable.

  • The decor in that house is hideous. So is the tile.

  • Favorite part: Herb garden.

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