Good Deal or Not? “Yard is spectacular” edition

This home is located at 136 North Carolina Ave, SE:

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The flier says:

“Home has been updated with a new kitchen, refinished pine floors, freshly painted throughout. Yard is spectacular and is twice as deep as most on the hill. Two blocks to the Capitol. House is in great shape, but sold “as is”.”

You can find more info here and a Mouse on House tour here.

I thought folks who like old wood details would like this one. Plus it has a vestibule… Think this 4 bed/2 bath will go for $779,000?

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  • I know it’s out of my price range when they make sure to include multiple photos of nearby marinas.

  • Well, yard is spectacular? No. Kitchen is, eh, ok. And the place clearly needs a lot of work. Not worth it.

  • Major negatives: no bathroom on main level and no master bath. Those two factors alone make this troubling. Add in the fact that there is no parking and I would say bad deal. That yard is amazing, but it can’t make up for having to hike up or down stairs to go to the bathroom or sharing a bathroom with guests/family members.

  • One bath upstairs and no main floor bath is not unusual for houses in the area. Parking on the street is not a problem. The major negatives in my mind are the lack of central air and awkward kitchen/pantry configuration. The basement is also a mess. I’m guessing overpriced by about $100k.

    It’s a pet peeve of mine when real estate agents include pictures of the “neighborhood” anywhere within 2 miles.

  • Love it. The vestible + foyer, the original pocket doors, the vintage pink bathroom… it’s all rather swoony.

    And I love that no one tried to appeal to the masses with a cheap stainless/granite/cherry kitchen. I would be much happier re-doing it myself.

    Can’t say if it’s a good deal, but I’d take it. I would have tons of fun fixing up the bits that need fixing, if I had the scratch.

  • Also, it might be pretty easy to turn the pantry into a ground-floor bath. It appears to be right under the upstairs bath, so the plumbing is in the right place. If it were me, (me with a winning lottery ticket) I would divide the pantry space into a bathroom and a smaller storage area accessible from the kitchen side.

    The apparent lack of central air… that is a problem.

    • My house is CH is almost identical to this.
      When I bought the house it had a pantry like this that we converted easily into a half bath.
      We also added air conditioning and with our oversize back yard we built a garage.
      So, my place is much improved over this and I suspect it not worth more than 200K less than this place.
      In other words, overpriced.

      • Yeah, but where is your place? Location trumps all in real estate, and this place has got location nailed to the wall.

  • I was looking at the house in my “let’s click around Redfin and daydream”-ing earlier this week! I love the location and the bones of the house, but the kitchen, upstairs, and downstairs all would need work, plus an HVAC. I don’t know how much the renovations would cost, but I think the current asking price is probably high considering the work the house needs.

  • There’s not a lot of work left to put into this house. 6 months ago, it would be the right price or under priced. I’m not sure right now. Very minor work to be done in the basement and central AC is only $16k for the high velocity one. You could have beautiful landscaping for $5k. Ceiling could be closed in for $2-3k probably. I’d kill for that pantry. The kitchen doesn’t match the rest of the house, but it’s functional for 5 years. I’d say it was a fair deal to good deal, but that assumes the economy isn’t tipping further downward. It’ll be interesting to see how the economy is doing in November at election time.

    • Forgot to mention, I LOVE the mouse on the house tours publishing of the floorplan with rollover links to the images. That’s fantastic!

  • So cute. They should take off at least $75,000 for the renovations but it is on NC Avenue which is one of the prettiest. I would just reno the bathroom and move in. The rest I could live with and just finish it over time.

    • I think it’s a bit of a deal if you’re at all handy or into gardening. There’s a lot of floorspace and it has balconies.

  • They’re on crack!

  • I follow Cap Hill real estate pretty closely and I predict that this house will sell in the mid 700’s given its location. Someone will buy it, put in HVAC, tear out the kitchen and have a 900K+ home in a prime location.

    • Exactly. People calculate the wrong way with this sort of thing. It’s in a barely below $1M neighborhood and it’s less than $200k to get it up to $1M quality. Ergo, it’s priced about right.

  • I was loving it until I got to the basement, when I had a visceral “eww” reaction. But I adore the original wood, could live with the kitchen, and don’t even mind that hot pink bathroom. The block is very pretty and the location is great. I have no concept of home values in that neighborhood, but I would gladly live there. Preferably with the cash to renovate the bathroom and basement and install central AC.

  • Location is amazing, the yard is huge, & the original features have been well kept. However, the electrical work scares me, the lack of central AC is problematic, the kitchen and bath are dated, and it’s clear if there could be any structural issues. It does seem high.

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