El Rincon Restaurant, for sale in Adams Morgan

Thanks to an alert reader for spotting this Craigslist ad:

Fully license restaurant business for sale. Business for sale only not the real estate.

Located in the heart of Adams Morgan, 18th Street and Columbia Road NW.

Owner must retire.

Since 1977, El Rincon Espanol Restaurant, 1826 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009

What do you think a restaurant like this will go for considering that they already have a liquor license? Were there any fans of the restaurant?

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  • The restaurant was solid! Spanish cuisine is on the heavy side for my taste, but the place was authentic and moderately priced.

  • On a related note. I was in Cleveland Park the other night and noticed that Sabores is back open. I’m not sure if you posted a follow up or not to your post about their temporary closure. I was glad to see them open again. good food and great open air dining.

  • Haven’t been there many many years, but back in the day it was quite an interesting crowd on many nights. They had the sketchiest after hours. If you wanted good Spanish food, this was definitely NOT the place.

    • I’m with you on this. Good Lord the food from there was just awful! I never understood how that place stayed open for so long.

  • I’m not so sure that liquor licenses automatically transfer when a business is sold. I’m sure you’ve got a leg up on getting approved if the business you bought already had one, but I’d imagine there is still a process that one must go through. In addition, I wonder what the rent is (and whether they’d raise it as soon as the new restaurant operator moves in); I’d imagine that is the significant cost here.

  • I went there for a comedy night that was mentioned on PoP. The comedy night ended up being canceled and they didn’t bother to tell anybody. Eff that place.

  • Huge MS13 hangout…

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