Dear PoP – “Who is spying on Petworth via Light Globe Cameras?”

“Dear PoP,

Look what appeared on a light post in Petworth, a little spy video camera. It faces the front of 3 houses. It wasn’t there before the wind storm took off the globe and now the neighborhood is wondering who is watching us. And is this just our personal Big Brother or does your light post have an addition too?”

Wow, that is really freaky. It looks very amateur. Anyone ever see a camera like this before around town?

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  • Wonder what troubles they’ve been having that would lead them to go through that trouble? I’m assuming one of the owners is trying to catch somebody in the act. Looks like they even tied into the power supply of the lamp? Certainly illegal, but I can’t say I blame them. Desperate times and all that.

  • Did you ask the owners of all three houses?

  • It doesn’t look like it’s actually functional.

  • it’s not the govt. that’s for sure. if the govt. was watching you you’d not know it.

  • It’s all part of the PoP cyber crime-fighting network. Since the city won’t tell us who the repeat violent juvenile offenders are, we just had to take matters into our own hands. These cameras are now all over the place and linked into our private investigators office and our secret membership network. Smile, little ones, we’re on to you! 😉

  • Creeeepy. This makes me not want to leave my house, ever.

  • I doubt that’s a camera–more likely it is photosensor controlling when the light turns on and off. If the globe was knocked off during a storm it is probable that the original sensor was damaged and had to be (temporarily?) replaced with the pictured version.

  • Don’t make eye contact!! It’s actually a battery for the lamp post that is powered off human souls.

  • If it is on public property and not marked (ID’ed) take it down and stomp on it. Or email me and I will do it.

  • I bet if that was looking at my house, my ladder and scissors would do a good job on that.

  • i wish they would install cameras like this all around. im not doing anything illegal when im out and about so no worries for me!

  • So if you have an alley thats frequented by drug users and people using as a bathroom as well as the scene of an armed robbery a couple months ago is that an appropriate time to break out cameras?

    We have had the above problems in the alley next to our house and were thinking about installing an ‘net accessible setup of cameras was wondering what the peanut gallery would think about them in our situation?

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