Dear PoP – What’s Going on at Upshur Park?

“Dear PoP,

Do you have any idea what’s going on at Upshur Park? The entire playground and the open field to the south have been completely fenced off. (This is completely on the other side of the park from where the new dog park is going in) Its a great neighborhood gathering place and its sad to think the playground will be unavailable this lovely Labor Day Weekend.”

Hmm, I just assumed that was part of the new Dog Park construction. But it kinda looks like they’re just reseeding the grass. I’ve put out some inquiries and I’ll update when I hear back from folks. Anyone else happen to know what this project is?

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  • The playground is being rebuilt. The official ground-breaking is Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 10:30am

  • I thought it was there to help keep the hookers out.

  • The redesign of the playground is awesome – a major improvement to Upshur Park.

  • The Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks –an all volunteer non profit has been working hard to improve both Hamilton and Upshur Parks. After two years we are so ready for this groundbreaking of the new Upshur Park Playground!

    Please come out and support us at our upcoming fundraiser at the Intown Uptown Inn on September 25, 6:30-9:30.
    You can buy your tickets online at!

  • I am thrilled that Upshur Park is getting a re-do. The playground and pool are actually pretty good already, excepting the broken bucket swings. Go Fo16thSP!

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