Dear PoP – What Happened at 18th and Willard St, NW Last Night?

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“Dear PoP,

Last night around 11:30 I noticed significant police activity in my alley. At least three cop cars, several bike cops, a helicopter with a spotlight flashing around the alley, and a foot chase along the roofs across the alley, and the largest gun I’ve ever seen in person (held at the time by a police officer on the roof)! From my window I heard something said about a neighbor calling the police after seeing a burglar on one of the roofs. It seems bizarre that so much force would come out so quickly for just a burglary. Any idea if this was a bigger event, or if the Dupont-ish location brought more police attention than say a Trinidad address? The activity seemed to be along the north side of Willard Street between 17th and 18th.”

MPD writes:

“-On Monday, September 20, 2010, at 11:30 p.m. an Unlawful Entry offense occurred in the 1700 block of Willard St., N.W. (PSA 208) and was subsequently reported to the MPD.

A subject was observed climbing the fire escape in the rear of a structure in the listed area. MPD members responded to the complaint of a person on the fire escape who was also peering into the windows of various apartments. Once on the scene the suspect was located hiding under the rooftop deck. The suspect was arrested. This is a closed case.”

I wonder if it was from one of my favorite fire escapes. I’m not sure about the response but I’m certainly glad they caught the suspect.

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  • Ack! That’s my block. Does anyone know which building in particular it was?

  • The writer is seriously faulting mpd for responding like that? can we do nothing right? a burglary in progress – especially at night – is serious. At night the burglar is chancing that you’ll be home which means he may WANT you yo be home which is really, really bad.

    good lord. damned if we do and dammed if we don’t.

  • As the writer of the above, I really did not mean any attack to MPD. I was truly amazed by the immediate and strong response to the call. I was particularly shocked at the use of the helicopter with the spot light. When discussing the event with neighbors there was some speculation that the helicopter meant something more serious was going on. I really do appreciate MPD’s response.

    I don’t know the address of the building but was on the odd side of the street around the 1760’s. The building with the spiral staircase, fenced in second floor deck, and some sort of gazebo-thing on the roof. At least one resident of the house was home.

    • I live on Willard and reported a burglary in progress just over a year ago. I watched the burglar and described his movements to the cops who were on the scene in a minute or so. They arrested the guy and hauled him away. I’ve been impresses with cop responses on Willard. It helps that a police station is only a few hundred yards away near the U Street fire station.

  • Thank you. I wasnt trying to be cranky but sometines the armchair police experts on this blog really annoy me. A burglary in progress call is taken seriously and absolutely merits the air support unit. They do a great job of lighting things up via the spotlight and can follow suspects and cars more easily and safely than a cruiser can.

  • Does anyone know if this is the rooftop burglar that enters homes through the skylight or did they catch him already?

  • good job on this one, mpd.

    now stop shooting dogs.

  • we wouldn’t have this kind of response in trinidad because we don’t have the kind of property crime problems in trinidad that y’all have over there in dupont 🙂

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