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“Dear PoP,

Our house has had a small mice problem for a few months, but lately they are showing up more and more.  Glue traps aren’t cutting it and we are trying to find a exterminator.  I found your post about dealing with mice, but unfortunately we can’t get a cat because we have a dog.  I was wondering if you or your readers could recommend a good exterminator.”

Sadly many of us have dealt with this situation. We’ve recommended some general exterminators here but does anyone have recommendations specifically for mice?

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  • We used Innovative Pest Management. They have a website, You can get a quote beforehand. They came back every week for 4 weeks to eventually rid us of a rat, lots of mice, cockroaches and ants. I would recommend them highly….they do a very thorough job.

  • Officer Scott Fike of the MPD seems to be quite good at this sort of thing.

    Mind you, it might take him a while to throw all those mice down the stairs and shoot them one by one.

  • d-con + snap traps baited with peanut butter.

    forget the glue traps.

  • There are all sorts of dogs who were bred to hunt down and kill vermin. If you don’t want to get a cat because you already have a dog, you might consider getting another dog that has been bred to take care of your mice problems!

    • Terriers are great for that. A lot of mice and rats have been scampering into my backyard from the neighboring properties, but my two Miniature Schnauzers chase them out immediately.

  • i just got one of those sonic blasters that is supposed to discourage them. we’ll see how it works but so far so good.

    i’m a vegan too so this jives with my approach to dealing with these issues.

    it was 12 bucks i think

  • We’ve had a sonic wall plug in for over a year, and now have a raging mouse problem. Sorry, but I don’t think they alone do the trick, at least not for a whole house.

  • The solution for mice problems that an exterminator would use, probably won’t differ from what you could do yourself. We had a problem recently as well and after being unsuccessful with every kind of trap we could find (snap, glue, havaheart, etc) we knew the only solution was to spray foam and caulk the places we suspected the mice were getting in. This was truly annoying and gross and time consuming, but it’s cheaper than an exterminator. Key places that we noted were gaps in floorboards around radiator pipes, behind the dishwasher where the connections came up from the basement, behind the stove, and under the sink (again where there were gaps for hoses to come in). Seal up these areas and any cracks and holes on the perimeter of your house.

  • Absolutely the best, easiest, safest to have around pets & humane – Rat Zapper.

  • Mr. Neville’s Pest control is great. We haven’t had a mouse since he’s been here: 202-391-6895

  • Just so you know-

    I got Breezy Bada$$ when she was a kitten and already had a 6 year old dog that loved to chase cats. I kept her in a separate room and introduced them slowly for a couple of days. She soon realized she could get away from him when needed. A week later they were hanging out.

  • You could put some steel wool in the the holes behind the water heater, furnace, stove and other possible entrances to your domicile. The mice will try to chew through it and eventually die! The smell is a temporary drawback easily masked by incense but seeing your fellow mice decomposing is a good reminder stay away.
    If thats too realistic, then get a young cat or a good exterminator. I chose the cat, since my landlord’s exterminators attempts were pedestrian at best. Although I love my cat, there is no way she could ever catch a mouse, she’s a princess. Thankfully, i’m the only one in the building with a pet so the odds are in my favor.

  • And if you’re open to getting a cat or dog, but can’t keep one permanently, you could even foster one! That way you get the natural exterminator, get to help save an animal, and won’t get “stuck” with a pet for a decade+.

  • Electocution trap. Works way better than glue traps and they die instantly so its not a cruel. They sell them at Logan Hardware. Runs on a 9 volt battery. We pull it out whenever the little critters return — which seems to be November each year.

    An exterminator will probably charge you a bunch of money to put out traps with rat poison. We found these to be useless.

  • I highly recommend Conquest Pest Control at 202-667-7012. They’ve handled my condo building for years, and have been fantastic.

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