Dear PoP – Martial Arts or MMA along H Street?

I’m not affiliated but I hear that Crossfit has a seriously hardcore work out. I know it’s not martial arts but I do hear it is very hard core. District CrossFit is located at 624 New York Ave. NW. There is also a crossfit location at 1469 Church St, NW in Logan Circle.

However, if you want to learn about Mixed Martial Arts programs, you can find lots of information here.

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  • I wonder if the Logan location is the group of incredibly fit folks who do a bunch of workout stuff on the steps of National City Church weekday mornings. They sort of operate like they’re at boot camp.

  • This is a sort of modern dance, pretty intense. Nothing like MMA.

  • Crossfit is nothing like dance. Unless your dance involves round after round of pushups, pullups, dips, squats, kettleball swings, etc.

    Intense workouts, short durations. Great for people with limited amount of time to workout.

  • I walked by Crossfit every day for a couple of weeks while volunteering with the Fringe Festival and honest to god – I thought it was a drag-queen dress shop!

  • What does this have to do with H street NE? Is a cross fit moving into H street?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yikes, I realize I didn’t actually include his email which asks:

      “I’m looking to get back into shape, and my favorite form of exercise has always been combat sports. I can’t seem to find anything along my H street commute (neither H street neighborhood or Chinatown). Do you have any ideas?”

      So he was also looking in Chinatown thus the main reason I posted the Crossfit above. Ugh, long day. Sorry about that!

      • There’s a Krav Maga training center in Chinatown:

        • I did Krav Maga here for just over a year (stopping only because of not having the time for it). It’s a fantastic workout and is doubly nice in that it’s actually a useful combat style that isn’t limited by competition rules and focuses on moves that are easy for anyone to learn and do. And the last I checked it’s only about $150 a month and you can go as many times a week as they have classes in your level of experience, and they have conditioning and general workout classes mixed in as well.

          • I trained there for a year too (2008-2009.) I wonder if we ever trained together.

          • if you were doing the level 1 or 2 classes weekday evenings, then it is very likely that we did. I was there from around august 08 to september 09

          • Yeah, I was there around the same time (June 08 – July 09.) I did level 1, boxing and some of the fitness classes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were partners in level 1 classes.

      • There’s a boxing ring that’s not well advertised on 10th and MD. Nomis or something. It may be youth oriented though, I’m not sure.

  • I do brazilian jiu jitsu at Beta Academy in Columbia Heights and really like it. I realize it’s not on H St, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  • A CrossFit post for those that are interested. In general, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that has exploded in popularity over the past few years, especially in law enforcement and military circles. Here’s the longer version of what CrossFit “is”:

    On locations. Primal Fitness has to be mentioned first. It’s blocks away from District CrossFit and to my knowledge was the first CrossFit gym in DC. Primal Fitness also teaches parkour. They really laid the groundwork in DC for the newer CrossFit gyms such as District CrossFit, CrossFit MPH (near Logan Circle), and Balance CrossFit (on 14th south of Thomas Circle). There are also a bunch of gyms in Arlington and Alexandria.

    CrossFit Gyms are expensive: Most run in the range of $150 – $250/month depending on what you sign up for. Generally I tell people that if they can afford it, definitely go for it. If you’re like me and you can’t – find other ways to do it at lower cost.

    Learning about/Doing CrossFit for cheap/free: Before the thousands of CrossFit gyms around the nation, it was and is just a website. They post a workout of the day (WOD) on daily.

    You can also learn a TON about CrossFit by spending time on their video page. Hours of fitness information, for free:

    If you are a true beginner, I recommend checking out the DC CrossFit gyms since most offer free classes or short-term intro classes or bootcamps. Once you get the basics down, you can continue the workouts at home or at a regular gym. But you will lose out on the community and the quality coaching/training offered by a real CrossFit gym.

    That’s what I do. I’ve learned more about fitness by closely following for free the past 2-3 years than in the past previous decade. And I take what I learn into my workouts at my regular gym where I pay $35/month. The money I save then goes towards my ever increasing DC rent.

    • Agreed. Many Xfit gyms are closer to $300/month. If you go almost every day, it’s great because a good one has lots of trainers/teachers, so it’s almost like having a personal trainer (or small group of 3-4 per teacher) for a relatively low price.

      However, once you’ve gone a couple of months, it’s better to go buy some basic equipment (chin up bar, medicine balls, kettle bells, floor mats, etc.), and you can do most Xfit workouts at home. Even better, as you suggest, you can join a cheap gym and do the workouts there.

      Some people, though, really need the group motivation that Crossfit provides, so if you can afford it, I guess it’s worth it. Another option is that any decent Crossfit gym will let you freeze your membership, so you can do one month on, one month off, doing the workouts at home, spreading out the cost. Some of the Crossfit gyms attract some nutsos, though, who think it’s their job to motivate everyone else… definitely some “kool-aid” drinkers out there.

      Overall, great workouts if you can afford it, but it depends on the gym.

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