Dear PoP – dog swimming in dc?

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“Dear PoP,

I hear a rumor that dogs are allowed in the public pools on the last day of labor day weekend. Is this true? Where can I take my pup swimming?”

Last year the first DPR Doggie Day Swim took place Sat. Sept. 12th. I have not seen a date announced yet for this year or if there are plans for this year. Last year the two participating pools were the Upshur Pool, 4300 Arkansas Avenue, NW, and the Francis Pool, 25th and N Streets, NW. I’ll be sure to update if/when this year’s date is released.

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  • If you can make it to Anne Arundel county, you can take your poochie to Downs park, which has a dog beach.
    The park costs $6 for entry per car.

    • Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis also has a dog beach. and you dog haters are worse than Hitler and Stalin mating with Rosie O’Donnel!

      • Unfortunately, Quiet Water was closed down indefinitely due to beach erosion. It’s too bad, it was such a great place to go.

  • A couple of places are having Doggie Dip Day on Saturday tha 11th from 12to 4…Cameron Run (Alexandria), the Rockville Swim & Fitness Center, and a think a few other locations in MD. Not sure if any DC pools are in on the fun this year.

  • Filthy and disturbing. I pity the groundskeeper.

    • Agreed. Where does dog-as-child fad end?

      • At some point someone will run some stats and figure out more dogs than school-age children have health insurance in DC…about the same time we’ll figure out that Iams/Science Diet pet food have better nutritional value than DCPS lunches.

        • So the parents should do something the hell about that shouldn’t they? You’re failing logic 101 here. (And why don’t you “run the stats” yourself before making ridiculous claims?) In what way exactly would lesser quality dog diets benefit school children?

          Aaargh – why even bother? Why not just claim that DC dog-owners are feeding schoolchildren to their dogs?

        • Doggie health insurance is truly worthless. I doubt many dogs have it.

      • at the time of the next majorly devastating plague that kills off a huge percentage of the population.

    • You’re filthy and disturbing but we still let you go in the pool.

      Maybe you should reread the post. They’re allowed in on the LAST day of labor day. Meaning the pools close and the water is emptied. No swimming after the dogs go in.

      • I’m sorry if I offended anybody. I had a real bad experience with a dog when I was 7 and as a result, I’m deathly afraid of them now. I’m talking crap-in-my-girljeans afraid!

    • “There’s nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!”

  • Great dog swimming areas in Rock Creek Park, up near Military Rd is where I would go and my dog loved it. While RC is not a pristine waterway of course its clean enough for dogs says me.

  • Other good Rock Creek dog swimming sites – underneath the Boulder Bridge (sandy, sloped & calm) And picnic area #8 (the creek side – across the street from the parking cut-out & sign.) And the water quality is usually fine – except for a couple of days after heavy rains when there is raw sewage (combined sewer overflow)

    • From the NPS Rock Creek Park Supervisor’s Compendium:

      “Dogs must be on leash within park areas, and park visitors must comply with District of Columbia leash laws. Dogs are prohibited from tennis courts and playgrounds.

      Camping is prohibited within all park areas.

      All park areas are closed to the viewing of wildlife with an artificial light.

      All park areas are closed to swimming, wading and bathing by people or household pets”

      The creek is the habitat for several species of freshwater mussels, some of them endangered.

  • That is disgusting. There aren’t enough public swimming pools for children and adults in the District, and the pools that do exist have mediocre opening hours (Mary Reed pool, closed on weekends, why?). Taking the pools away from people and filling them with dogs once day a year is too much.

  • Why is it disgusting? It’s done the day the authorities drain the pools. It’s not like people are pushed aside for the dogs, or made to go swimming after them.

  • this is also done in denver where i used to live.
    as Stacy says, it is done the day after the last public day, and then the pools are cleaned and shut down for the season.

  • When is this children-as-pets fad going to end?

  • i guess i’ll learn if my dogs know how to swim!

  • Dog owners–don’t fret if you missed your chance to have your dog swim in a DC public pool. The city is still reaching out to you.

    As part of the ongoing DC Tax Amnesty Program, the DC Department of Tax and Revenue is sponsoring a free clinic to help DC dogs fill out their municipal tax returns.

    Tax compliance among dogs is at an all-time low, and the city is offering one last chance for dogs to come forward. On Oct. 1, a get-tough policy will be launched under the name “File, Boy. File.” The slogan: “We will sniff out your arrears”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just got word the Dog Swim will take place on Sept. 11. Full details in the 5pm post later today.

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