Cool the Guy from the Wire was in Town over the Weekend

On Sunday night I tweeted that the sidewalk in front of Zengo was closed in Chinatown due to some falling debris. Ed. Note: The funniest reply was from @kcivey who said, “The Mosquito sound is not only irritating people but causing the building to fall apart?”. Anyway, since I’m a huge fan of The Wire and I know there are lots of readers who are fans as well, I had to share that I saw Sergeant Jay Landsman (Delaney Williams) exiting Zengo. Dang, I miss that show!

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  • you know he’s a local right? He’s always around town.

  • I know Bus Howard (Ott, in season 2) pretty well.

  • Fun Wire trivia: Sgt Landsman was based on a real homicide detective named Sgt Landsman. The real Landsman wound up playing Lt Mello, Bunny’s second in command. Landsman was also the inspiration for Munch on Homicide.

  • I saw Butchie at the Kennedy Center on Sunday

  • Color me Couldn’t Care Less.
    I liked the Wire, I miss the Wire, but I’m not into celebrity worship, or playing the “hey, guess who I saw coming out of Fro-Yo!” game.

    So you saw some guy. He used to be on TV.
    It’s just not a big deal to me.

    • Celeb worship or not, I definitely appreciate that Simon chose East Coast and local actors for the show..

      • I do too. Same for their New Orleans-based “Treme”. Choosing locals instead of L.A. imports with a 2 week class in cajun accents under their belts helps make for great authenticity.

    • Enough of a “big deal” that you bothered to read the entire post and comments and actually comment yourself(even if negatively). Perhaps if you don’t care you could use your time more wisely.

      • 1) the “entire post” consisted of one short paragraph and 4 whole posts. Not exactly War and Peace.
        2) I’m bored at work and hey, I have time.
        3) So, unless I’m starry eyed and slack-jawed too at the sight of a celebrity, I shouldn’t be commenting?
        4) Try harder if you’re trying to insult me. Rebutting you turns out to be even more boring than work.

  • Not sure I’ve ever seen Landsman w/o a porno in his hands.

  • I saw Det. Pryzbylewski with his wife at Eatonville a few months back – I couldn’t stop staring! Love these guys.

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