Cool New Art Display, District Modular, Goes up on Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoP,

Have you talked about “district modular” on GA Ave a few stores up from petworth liquors at kenyon? It looks like an art gallery.”

I’ve been getting a number of emails about this and walked by on Saturday. The display at 3216 Georgia Ave, NW is quite cool. Unfortunately the doors were locked and there was nobody to talk to, to get more info. According to the Pinkline Project:

“District Modular is a growing artists-collective with the goal of creating collaborative installation and experimental media projects to join/complicate/carry-on the cultural conversation at a local level.”

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  • It was like Robert Ryman meeting Nam Jun Paik smack in the middle of Georgia Avenue

  • It’s been almost 50 years since Frank Stella said, “What you see is what you see.”

    Words. Then. Silence.

    By that I mean I am not joining/ the cultural conversation and I am not /carrying-on the cultural conversation but I am /complicating/ the cultural conversation. For the conversation to be cultural it needs to be reified before it can be rectified. For the cultural to be conversant it needs to be deified before it is dandified.

  • I am one of the people who put together the installation on 3216 Georgia Ave. We plan to continue to alter this space as long as we have access. Everything is meant to be visible from the street.

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