Coming to Adams Morgan – Snap

Again Adams Morgan shows it’s resilience with closings and openings. Looks like the old CD Exchange between Caliyogurt and Saki is going to become a restaurant. From peeking in the window they seem real close to opening. I’ll be sure to update with more info and a menu when they open.

Update: Thanks to a commenter for the heads up that this is a crepe place by the same folks who have a spot in Georgetown at 1062 Thomas Jefferson St NW.

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  • They’re already open, or were when I ate there Friday. It’s a pretty awesome crepe joint

  • From the logo, it looks like they’re affiliated with the one in Georgetown. I’ve worked half a block from that one for as long as it’s been in existence (at least 5 years?) and have eaten there exactly twice. First time, the woman making my crepe was picking bits of cooked dough off the griddle and putting them in her mouth, barehanded, and then used the same unwashed fingers to add ingredients to my crepe. I told her I’d skip it and left. The second, time, as the only customer in the place, it took 15 minutes to get an order of fries that were half-cooked. Not impressed.

  • Can they please take that ghetto grate down?

  • My boyfriend used to work at the one in Georgetown, really nice place, nice owner from the Bay Area whose husband worked for the State Department, and then some crazy May-Dec wackadoo religious couple bought it with more money and then sense. But plenty of time to sit and study the bible all day.

    Whether the current owners are still the same I’m not sure, that was 2 years ago. Still it’s an interesting concept — good to see it’s growing.

  • I love the crepe place in Georgetown and never had a problem with them. I’m addicted to their honey, walnut, whipped cream crepe and mango bubble tea – yum. I wish them success.

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