Car Crashes into Restaurant at 18th and Florida Ave, NW in Adams Morgan – Several Injuried

Photo sent by a reader who lives nearby, 10 minutes after accident occurred.

A reader was dining nearby and is saying that the car went into Keren’s Restaurant. @dcfireems says on twitter around 8:50pm:

“Ped struck – car into bldg – 18th St & Fla Av NW – tech rescue, spec ops, EMS”

and a few minutes later:

“Update – car into bay window – several inj -18h & Fla Av”

More info as it becomes available.

Update around 9:20pm @dcfireems says:

“2 peds struck & car into bldg – EMS evaluating -2 adult females – 1 pri 1 trauma serious, 1 pri 2”

Update 10:41pm twitter user @CDA says, “also they took away a young woman in handcuffs”.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Collin David Anderson

Photo by PoPville flickr user Collin David Anderson

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  • Super Tacos is the correct answer.

  • Horrific wrong-thread posting error. Hope the Karen people are ok!

  • wtop with info:

    Fire officials say a car struck two pedestrians and crashed into a storefront restaurant in the Adams Morgan section of the city.

    D.C. Fire/EMS spokesman Pete Piringer says it happened Wednesday about 8:45 p.m. at 18th Street and Florida Avenue N.W. He says two women were struck by the vehicle; both have serious injuries.

    No one in Keren restaurant – an Ethiopian coffee shop – was hurt. Fire officials are checking the structural integrity of the building.

    The cause of the accident is under investigation.

  • Most dangerous intersection I’ve encountered in DC. Never seen a crosswalk where the cars have the green light and the peds cross the same street (perpendicular) at the SAME TIME…!

  • Hate to say it, but not that shocking. Between the issue with the crosswalk (very often forcing cars to stop in the intersection) and people who DO just stop, no blinkers and those who seemingly turn with NO IDEA where Florida will take them (??) – I am not surprised. I’m assuming the motorist was drunk or otherwise empaired, but I’m not shocked that more accidents don’t happen here.

      • Thirded. Clearly the driver was grossly negligent, nobody should ever be going fast enough through there to result in this catastrophe.

        That said, the intersection is terrible, isn’t this where someone was hit by a bus not long ago too? I am in no way shifting responsibility for this accident but the city really needs to do something about this. A bad intersection is a bad intersection.

  • We’ve looked at this dangerous intersection in previous post here on PoP.

    This complicated intersection is where Florida Avenue, U Street, Vernon Street and an alley all cross 18th Street with no traffic calming measures built on any of those streets.

    This is one uniquely complicated and dangerous intersection difficult to navigate by both motorists and especially pedestrians.

    I honestly cannot comprehend how extended sidewalk cafes which have been posted here in the past can be approved at the restaurants at this notorious intersection.

    Perhaps something will be done to prevent a potential disaster which is just waiting to happen here.

    Good post.

  • Without a doubt, this complicated and dangerous intersection merits serious re-evaluation by DDOT and/or other authorities.

  • I can’t tell from the picture, but are those NY or MD plates?

  • Maryland plates.

    And I believe there are plans to address this intersection as part of the bigger 18th Street reconfiguration.

  • The 18th Street Streetscape Plan (some would say boondoggle) does include plans to redo this intersection. At the last meeting DDOT indicated they would begin at this intersection and then move north.

  • Those are MD tags, and according to the DMV website she has over $450 of unpaid tickets (including a speeding ticket). I hope they pull her driver’s license for life for driving drunk.

  • I recall that a traffic circle was once proposed for this intersection. That makes a lot of sense to me. This incident looks to be the result of a drunk driver but there’s no doubt that this intersection is royally screwed up and dangerous. I go through it every day on a bike and see all sorts of crazy things. I know the light pattern intimately but still go through it like I’m walking through a war zone.

  • Maryland drivers are scary… I would say they might be the worst drivers in DC.

    • I just assumed it was a Maryland driver the minute I saw the headline.

    • nah the worst drivers are the city dwellers who rent the zipcars. Most have no experience behind the wheel and are a menace on the beltway with their Ikea cargo.
      While I agree MD drivers can be bad, the moment I see dc tags and a zipcar logo, I quickly change lanes and stay far far away…

      • Hahaha…I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

        And spot on re the ikea thing. The only time I see any zip cars on the road, they have ikea wrapped stuff strapped to the roof.

      • Yes, DC Zipcar folks are indeed worse than Maryland. I hope the two women are OK. I live less than a block away from this intersection. If you are familiar with it, it’s actually easy to navigate, but if you are unfamiliar it is very confusing. I see clowns running red lights all the time. A traffic circle with a few smartly placed lights would be a very good idea.

    • I’ve long felt that Virginia drivers, particularly those coming up from Prince William County are the worst in the area. You get people from PW or King George County up in NoVA and it’s absolute hell.

      “Maryland Drivers” makes no sense as it’s impossible to compare Bethesda, Baltimore, Cecil County, etc.

  • What an ignorant and unnecessary comment.

    • i can understand why maryland drivers drive so fast around lights in dc. have you ever waited at a light in the rockville/gaithersburg/germantown area of maryland? if you hit a red, you’re stuck there for 8 minutes while each direction gets a separate green light. worst street planning in the nation.

      on a more serious note, i hope the pedestrians involved are OK! this is a reminder that every moment we spend enjoying this city can be taken away in a second.

  • This was an accident caused by a drunk childish adult, nothing more.

    Although I have never had a problem crossing this intersection in over 20 years, I agree a round about / circle might be a better option.

  • Very sorry for those who were hurt. Please keep us posted on their condition if at all possible.

  • DC, MD and VA drivers are horrible in their own ways. MD drivers never stop for pedestrians and speed through neighborhoods. DC drivers are horrible once they get on a highway. VA drivers are ungodly slow.

  • I don’t understand the MD vs. VA drivers debate…aren’t MoCo and NoVa pretty demographically similar?

    • Nope. Not at all.

      • are you joking newbie? Just move here? MoCo and Fairfax are very very similar. Both have incredibly high concentrations of South Asians, East Asians and PhDs and Latin day laborers. Do the math or move back to Iowa where you came from.

        • Why do so many of these replies devolve into petty one liners? As someone who admittedly has a history of making gross generalizations about the DC burbs, I find it utterly tacky to be doing so on a blog posting about how two people were seriously injured. KR, don’t move back to Iowa or wherever you came from, something just crawled up neener’s butt and is making him/her cranky. And PoP, please do keep us updated on those girls.

  • I do not understand how the tangent on drivers took a turn for demographics. The conversation seemed to be about the type of driving one usually does in their locale. PW, Stafford and King George counties have long stretches of open highway that do not lend itself to the sometime ambiguous intersections of DC driving vs. someone who lives in Bethesda and may drive in the city often due to proximity. Race matters, but apply where relevant.

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