Capital Bike Share Launches

Photo of Bike Share station at 14th and U St, NW courtesy of DDOTDC

Capital Bike Share launches Sept. 20th. From their Web site:

Capital Bikeshare puts 1,100 bicycles at your fingertips. You can choose from over 110 stations across Washington, D.C. and Arlington, VA and return it to any station near your destination. Check out a bike for your trip to work, to the Metro, to run errands, go shopping, or visit friends and family.

Join Capital Bikeshare for a day, month, or year, and have access to our fleet of bikes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free. Each additional 30 minutes incurs an additional fee.

Want to learn more? Check out How It Works

And speaking of bikes, 14th St, NW near the Tivoli in Columbia Heights got a nice new lane:

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  • Just like Zipcar – completely overpriced compared to alternatives (renting from regular rental place, or buying a $50-100 wallmart bicycle).

    It makes zero sense for vast majority of people.

  • Not exactly related to Capital Bike Share, but I’m wondering what alternatives are cheaper than Zipcar… please enlighten me.

    a) Car ownership? Ha. Cost of actual vehicle + maintainance + gas + insurance + parking = not in my budget

    b) Standard car rental companies? So I should pay $50up for a day’s car rental (even if I only need it for 2 hours), worry about bringing back a full gas tank, pay extra for insurance, be charged $25 extra because I’m 2 months away from being 25 years old, and go to Union Station or National airport to pick it up?

    c) Bike? I use mine every single day, but not to carry a week’s worth of food from Trader Joe’s to Mt. Pleasant or to transport a 30lb bag of dog food.

  • I think this will do well; they will adjust pricing if needed. A lot of people like myself would like the ability to bike from point A to point B without having to deal with storage issues on either end.

  • I like to bike, but I can’t see how this makes financial sense. If you want to take a 2 hour spin around town, or, stop for lunch and keep the bike with you, that’s $16.50. That’s more than downtown parking! Also, say you ride downtown. If you park it in bikeshare, it seems like you might get stranded when someone else borrows it.

    I think it’s cheaper and less hassle to have your own bike.

    Has anyone signed up yet? How do you envision using the bikes, yourself?

    • I think the point with the new program is that you always park in a station when not using it, and that there are supposed to be stations close enough to each other if you encounter a full/empty station. The initial stations have enough density downtown, but the outer fringes don’t – but these are most likely served by public transit in case that happens.

      • If you have to switch from the bike, then you end up prancing around Metro, all sweaty, in bike shorts and a helmet. Not always a pretty sight…

    • I was thinking: Metro from home (CH) to Pentagon City, then grab a bike and ride the 6 miles to my office in Falls Church, which is nowhere near metro.

      But the cost is just way too much for that. I’d have to keep it all day at work ($74+ every day, unless I readit wrong, plus the $50 annual).

      Not to mention it turns my 25 minute drive (carpooling with the wife, so that helps, I guess) into a 2hour (?) multi-segment commute one way. Just not practical.

      • it’s definitely not intended for what you’re proposing to do with it. it’s supposed to substitute for cars/taxis/etc in town. pickup at a point, dropoff at a point. not pickup and hold onto all day. if every user did that, they’d have no program because there wouldn’t be any to rent. that’s why it’s expensive to do it that way.

    • I signed up, and I’m really excited about it. While I already own a bike, I’m not so dedicated to it that I take it everywhere. With the bike share, I won’t have to worry about planning my entire day of transportation in advance – I can just pick one up and go. For me, I think it will be most useful for trips between CH and Woodley Park (home), or between downtown and Georgetown. I also think it will be nice for visiting lunch spots that are a little too far otherwise. To each his own – I think it’s a convenience that’s well worth the price.

  • This will work. They’ve got a similar system in Vienna (the real one, you know, like “in Austria” and stuff) and it works very well.

  • This system works quite well. Every city that has implemented bike share on a large scale has found it to be immensely popular.

    One of the best benefits for local businesses is how easy it makes going out to lunch in other parts of the city. If you work on K street and are sick of by-the-pound lunch options, you can hop on one of these bad boys and ride up to 14th and U for a turnover or to go to busboys and poets or something. It is cheaper than a cab and quicker than taking the bus. It makes the city infinitely more accessible (everything you want to do in DC is basically a 30 minute bike ride away at most anyways, so you won’t be paying anything to use it).

  • Check out iFindBikes. It’s a free iPhone app to quickly find available Capital Bikeshare bikes around you. It’s pretty easy to use.

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