Campaign Signs Removed from Capital City Diner

More dirty politics this Labor Day weekend? In the age of camera phones and camera surveillance this is really beyond stupid. Sunday evening, Capital City Diner owner’s, Matt Ashburn, sent the photos to me and a few other bloggers. He says that the removed signs were Kwame Brown and Harry Thomas and were replaced with Fenty signs without his permission. Frozen Tropics identifies the woman in the picture as a former ANC 5B10 commissioner. Capital City Diner is located at 1050 Bladensburg Road, NE.

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  • Busted! That’s awesome. She should be ashamed, and so should Fenty, if he or his campaign encouraged this.

  • Why am I not surprised in this one? Deviant behavior and all the time she was trying to make us think she was Polly Purebread! Sneaking around pulling up people’s yard signs with the intent of criminally disposing of them and putting up someone else’s. It’s a shame that people can’t do better than this. Come on KH get with the program. Rise to the occasion and set higher standards for yourself.

  • What is her name?

    • Nevermind i read the frozen tropics post..

      • She says Ashburn asked her to switch the signs…. odd.

        • No way am I buying that. Ashburn can’t put up his own signs, he has to ask someone to do it for him? That doesn’t make any sense on the face of it. No, she was just busted and had decided the best defense is a good offense.

          Someone on the Frozen Tropics board offered a convoluted, yet somewhat plausible, hypothesis that this may a way to attack the Capital City Diner (by making it look like they are endorsing Fenty, who is not popular in their ward.) I generally don’t buy into twisty tales like that, but who knows.

  • So, has this set of photos been shown to the Fenty Campaign? Have they been asked to distance themselves from what seems to be improper character at least, by Ms. Henderson? If they choose not to distance themselves from Mr. Moten, maybe they will show some high ethics and speak to this situation.

    But then again, I doubt it.

  • kathy henderson is her name

  • poor tortured soul she must be. her heart is in the right place, but 90% of her actions are so whacked out it’s crazy.
    she’s pissed off the drug dealers and had her car set on fire and has had her life threatened. she pissed off normal citizens such that even her good ideas will never ever have traction. lose-lose.

    she really needs to slip out of the public eye as she makes a mockery of all her causes.

  • Proof positive that Capital City Diner’s new presence in this neighborhood is a step forward for everyone.

    More people like those involved in Cap City should be made welcome, encouraged and incentivized to come into our city’s neighborhoods.

    This city, this country was built much more by risk takers in the private sector than bureaucrats in the public sector.

    If we are to grow into a better and city (and out of this recession), it will be by growing the private sector that provides for everything.

  • I am a major supporter of Mayor Fenty and I definitely doubt that this action was authorized by his campaign. It just wouldn’t make any sense (especially since she was removing signs for Council candidates and not his opponent for Mayor).

    I just hope folks don’t let the senselessness of this one person tarnish their opinions of the Mayor.

    • Probably not, but… this sounds par for the course for the people who are working and/or volunteer on his campaign. Fenty signs continue to pop up in my yard which have not only never been requested, but when it happens I’ve called and complained. And yes, I know it’s his workers b/c my neighbors have seen them and they do it up and down the block.

      That said, Kathy Henderson is a crazy person.

  • Signs aside, it looks like the diner needs to cut its grass.

  • Another thought… so the diner doesn’t support Fenty? You just lost a customer.

    • Way to jump to conclusions – nowhere does it say that. Just that they didn’t want Fenty signs placed on their property without their permission – a sentiment I can relate to.

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