Bistro 18 Coffee House Coming to Adams Morgan

Back in March we learned that Oya’s Mini Bazaar and African Art located at 2420 18th St NW had moved to 2600 block of Connecticut Ave, NW. A reader recently spotted a DCRA sign for demo under the name of “Bistro 18”. I was able to learn that the space is going to become a “Tryst” type spot (coffee house, sandwiches, etc…) with low sofas and lots of gathering space. The new owners have already purchased a liquor license. There wasn’t a kitchen previously so they will have to build out a whole new kitchen and remodel the inside so it is likely going to take a number of months before they open up. I’ll be sure to update as progress is made.

Do you think 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan has room for another Tryst type spot?

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  • If they copy Trysts business model I’m sure they’ll do fine. Considering I still can’t get a seat in there. If they suck they won’t last. obviously.

  • Is there any spot in Adams Morgan that’s more constantly busy than Tryst? This is a needed addition to the neighborhood.

  • There’s definitely room. I’m all for variety and competition, not to mention the fact that Tryst turns into Chuck E Cheese by 9ish on Saturday and Sunday mornings…hopefully the yuppie families won’t ruin Bistro 18 too! May I suggest that the new establishment adopt a “no stroller” rule?

    • “No stroller rule” = “no business”. You realize the owner is opening this business to make money, right?

    • Hell Yea! Let’s get rid of kids all together. What a waste…

    • I’m my fantasy life of owning a cafe/coffeehouse, I toyed with the idea of having a “no babies” rule, but came to the same conclusion as Tres. Gotta make that green, even if it means putting up those little mucus bags.
      Too often, I’ve witnessed yuppie mothers watch as their babies completely shred a bagel into a million tiny pieces, then leave them all over the floor, along with the spilled milk and crushed cheerios. Disgusting and rude.

      Nothing against the babies, really. It’s the snotty Uptown moms who don’t clean up after them or who let their toddlers run mad through the joint a la Tryst on any weekend morning.

      • Mucus bags–lol. And often the problem is the parents who expect everyone to just adore what their little troglodytes do.

        I would be happy to patronize a place with a no-stroller rule, not to mention one that told parents to not let their kids run around like little Visigoths, shrieking at the top of their lungs. There is a place for that, and it’s called a playground.

        Getting back on topic, yes, I think 18th Street could maybe use another coffeehouse/cafe. Better than another storefront sitting empty for years and years and YEARS.

  • Ooooooh low sofas!

  • @Mister Fed Up 🙁

    I love Tryst and more competition for Starbucks never hurts.

  • Tryst is horrible any day of the week after 9 am. And they still can’t make a cappuccino. Great spot otherwise. 🙂

  • goaldigger

    I hope they can spring for some new(ish) furniture (tired of broken seating in Tryst, ouch!) and some decent lighting. I get the low light/ambiance thing in Tryst on a Sat night but unless you’re by the window it’s too dark to do any work in there during the day. I like the food at Tryst and never had any service issues so don’t mean to totally dump on them but it could be better.

    • Never had any service issues!?! I get some of the most surly service there… thinking of one waitress in particular who is just TOO damned cool to even be there, let alone to be asked to serve people coffee. I’ve seen her smile about as often as I’ve seen a meteor shower…on the moon.

      Exact opposite: Aya. If he’s still there, I don’t know. But he’s totally cool and always smiling/laughing.

  • I’d love for a family friendly place in DC but alas that does not exist here yet. In the meantime, my toddler will continue to make your life miserable by tearing up his bagel and stepping on his cheerios until they are dust.

  • I know I’m a b*tch for saying it, but I want my old 18th St. back. No babies, no Starbucks, just Ethiopian restaurants and dive bars. I want my old DC back! I hate all this upscale crap. GO HOME YUPPIES POSEURS!

  • A “Coming Soon Bistro 18” sign went up today. I live across the st and see they are working on it daily. Hope its good

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