Bike News: Bike Stolen From Mt. Pleasant and Interesting Bike Lane in NYC

“Dear PoP,

The bike was a gift from her husband when they first started dating. He totally refurbished it and gave it a really unique paint job — it’s shades of blue with coi fish on it. It has a lot of sentimental value. I was hoping you could post on it and ask readers to be on the look out.”

If anyone happens to see this bike please send me an email and I’ll connect you with the owner.

“Dear PoP,

I thought your readers might be interested in a photo of the new type of bike lane in New York’s Upper West Side.

Note that there is no way a car door can interfere with the bike lane.”

Think this style would work in DC?

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  • 1) From where was the bike stolen and when?

    2) In a city already plagued by paralyzing rush hour traffic, if all our bike lanes turned in this type, then either a) traffic would become not just paralyzing but coma-inducing or b) traffic would become not just paralyzing but coma-inducing AND more people would commute by public transportation which is already paralyzing and coma-inducing.

    • To your second point, more people would commute by bike as well which is faster, healthier, and sweat-inducing…

      On 1 or 2 lane one way streets with a present bike lane it wouldn’t make a difference, just reapportion the present space. Although it would eliminate the “I’ll just park my car in the bike lane while I run in the store” usage…

      • Good points. Although, I wonder this were done on a 1 lane one-way, it seems it would greatly limit parking options for residents.

      • “To your second point, more people would commute by bike as well which is faster, healthier, and sweat-inducing…”

        No, no they wouldn’t. Have you ever seen someone for Wards 7 or 8 commute on a bike?

        I won’t either, not less someone events a bike with two kids seats on it.

        Neither would my wife, who to afraid to ride a bike on DC’s streets.

        I’m all fr bike lanes, but don’t foul yourself into believe that an truly meaningful number of people will make it their primary mode of commuting.

        • not that this will probably change your mind but they have invented bikes with two kids’ seats on them–people in other countries use them all the time. and perhaps your wife would be less fearful of riding on DC’s streets if she felt more protected from traffic by bike lanes such as this. the more cyclists there are the safer it is for all cyclists.

  • On wide streets yes. Many of the streets in DC are too narrow, though.

  • i love it! for those who can’t tell from the photo, the bike lane is against the sidewalk (and curb) and the parking spaces are right up against the travel lanes. this allows bikes to cruise along without interfering with (or being interfered with by) auto traffic. this is essentially what the contraflo lane does here, along 15th street. no parking is lost, and bikes and cars have a buffer of parked vehicles between them…this could be as close as a dedicated bike track as we will ever get in DC…

  • isnt the lane on 15th like this?

  • Man that bike looks awesome…. Will definitely be easy to spot, I’ll keep my eyes open. But I heard the pro bike thieves will store the bike for months before they resell, or break them down for parts. There’s this shady guy I once bought a bike from in Arlington that had an entire basement completely full of bikes. I’m sure many were stolen.

  • ive seen many abandoned bikes in my neighborhood “repainted” with bucket paint. it looks like shit and is a dead give away that it’s stolen.

    I would guess that half of all bikes are not stolen by pros.

  • Ridiculous. I live on Euclid at 17th – A roommate’s bike was nearly stolen by two youths in the early evening this past Tuesday. He had two chain locks on it (yeah, I told him to get a U-lock like mine), and they cut one before a neighbor chased them off.

    • You live at 17th and Euclid – a known drug/gang hotspot for at least the past 40 years. Why the he|| is anyone keeping a bike locked outdoors there for any period of time whatsoever.

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