Beware Flying Pigs – Bloomingdale’s First Bar (Soft) Opens Tonight!

After many false starts and teases, the day has finally arrived! Rustik Bloomingdale’s first Tavern opens up tonight at the corner of 1st and T St, NW. You can see their menu here. You can see their Web site here Rustik sends word in a newsletter:

“We are opening at last!

Starting, Friday, September 24th, at 9:00pm, Rustik Tavern will be open to the public.
This is a soft opening, therefore we apologize for any delays in service that you may encounter or random mishaps that may (and will) take place.”

Based on the buzz coming from twitter, I’d say the place is gonna be smashed crowded tonight. But that is understandable given all the anticipation. It is a great day for Bloomingdale.

And don’t forget Boundary Stone another Tavern is still slated to come to 116 Rhode Island Avenue NW. I’m hearing that they are now shooting for a February opening.

Well Bloomingdalians enjoy your beer and pizza tonight, you’ve earned it!

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  • Hey PofP, your menu link is to a Rustik Tavern in Brooklyn… 🙂 I don’t think our Rustik has posted a menu yet.

    This is great news and definitely long-awaited. Looking forward to checking it out!

  • The link to the Menu is to a non-pizza serving Rustik in NYC.

  • This is terrific news!

    Now does anyone know when Baraki is supposed to open?

  • Very excited, will definitely be there this weekend.

  • Can’t wait! so excited for the people behind this bar…i know it’s been a long, uphill struggle and will finally pay off.

    will def. be there tonight!

  • not sure i’m brave enough to handle the crowds tonight but this is so great for bloomingdale!

  • I’ll be there for at least one beer, crowds or not! Excited just to have a place to drop in for a drink and socialize after getting off of the bus from work, something that I think every resident in our neighborhood can appreciate.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this place for months. I’m not going to be here tonight so I cant go! I can’t wait till I’m able to stop in.

    Any idea what their regular business hours are?

  • Those of us in Eckington are way excited too…love my walks down the hill and now to get rewarded with food is choice….

  • Praise Jebus!

  • The BEST part is that the Rustik folks had the foresight to prepare their pending customers that there is some likelihood that there will be some opening day/week/month glitches. Very reasonable (though you’d think that folks would be understanding enough to get this on their own). The BETTER part is that all of the setting of expectations won’t matter – as Bloomingdaler’s are NEVER, EVER satisfied! So, let the whining begin (on second thought, wait until tomorrow to begin – for tonight, I’m going to enjoy myself, 2 blocks from my house, at RUSTIC TAVERN)!

    (Just in case I don’t remember to comment tomorrow):
    Cheers to Rustic Tavern! Welcome to the neighborhood! That was the best pizza and beer that I’ve ever had in my entire life – and I love you very, very much! ….<—-BTW, those little dots are tears of joy….<—-a few more.

  • Went for Happy Hour last night (Tuesday) with neighbors and it was great. We ordered the baby octopus, 4 pizzas and all were pretty good with interesting combinations. Got there around 5:30 and by 7 the place was pretty full. Saw some familiar faces, the staff remembered us and the crowd was pretty diverse. Something tells me that this will turn into a regular weekly hangout for those who are looking to mingle and make some more friends.

    BTW – I’m very satisified. 🙂

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