Animal Fix: Adopt Mom and Daughter Cats Plus Doggie Swim Pics

“Dear PoP,

Mighty Mouse and Sam need your help!

Sam and Mighty Mouse are a loving mom and daughter team. They were living in a nice home but their owner has asthma and it has recently taken a turn for the worse. We are in a dire situation.

Please consider opening up your home and helping us with a permanent home, they currently have a foster but we need to find a place they can settle down and call home– they’ve had a tough time.

They need to stay together — they are mother and daughter and super cuddly, sweetness, with excellent behavior. Both are in great health, up to date on shots, and have been micro-chipped.

Mighty (on left, below) is the kind of little one that will curl up to you and lean against you like a baby with a full-bodied purr. Sam (on right) is mellow, outgoing and really sweet. They love each other and are tightly bonded. Mighty is 2 years old. Sam was a teenage mom and is 2 and a half.

202-232-7895 / [email protected]

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

Looks like the Doggie Day Swim was a great success on Sat. A couple more shots after the jump.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

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  • Sorry if this is a dumb question – but do all dogs naturally know how to swim? At least enough to get to shore if they fall in? I’ve been acclimating my new dog (1 year old) to water – splashing, wading, shallow stick fetching and watching other dogs swim – but so far she is not inclined to actually swim herself. I don’t want to drag her in to “teach” her, but wonder what will happen if she falls in some day.

    • No, not all dogs can swim. You should check online or with your vet to determine if yours is a breed that cannot swim or swims poorly enough that you don’t with her to try.

    • Also, your dog might be one that has to be taught to swim. But you want to be careful because a poor swimming dog is like a poor swimming human and can easily be overwhelmed or even panic – just like we do.

    • Sir Winston, the boxer, LOVES to swim but he’s not that good at it. We bought him a life vest so he can have fun and not worry about keeping the lead weight that is his butt from sinking.

      • I used to have boxers, and one of my proudest moments was when my boxers learned how to swim.

        I used to take them to the dog beach and they would chase these retrievers into the water. It was pretty hilarious. I remembered seeing this look of fear on their faces when they realized that the water was above their level. They figured out though they could bounce around to keep themselves above the water.

        So that’s what they would do thereafter… chase the retrievers into the water and bounce around to keep their noses above the water. Until one day, they learned how to doggie paddle. Hahah. I saw their faces during that moment of epiphany, and I had never been so proud. They forgot about the retrievers and proceeded to swim around in circles. I miss those boxers. They’re in doggie heaven now.

        • Yeah, Winston picked it up pretty quickly chasing the retrievers into the water at Down’s Park. He was much more graceful than the other boxer, who was flailing around with his front legs, looking like a drowning man, but apparently enjoying it. The life jacket helps Winston stay afloat easier so he doesn’t tire as quickly.

  • I’m pretty sure that all dogs can swim. It’s a natural reaction.

  • There are some dogs that can’t swim very well like English Bulldogs and Basset Hounds for obvious reasons. Most dogs will just dive right in, but there there are some dogs just don’t like to swim. A creek is a good place to start if your dog is a little shy.

  • What handsome kitties. Sadly, I live in an efficiency with one cat and have room for no more. How can I spread the word, though?

  • blester01

    Great time at the pool Saturday. Thanks to everyone who helped set this up and kept things organized.

    My German Shepherd, pictured in the background, had a blast and slept well that evening. I wish we could do this more often in the city rather than driving to the coast or playing in polluted creeks.

  • Veggie- I’m a friend of the owner, if you tell me your e-mail address I’ll gladly send you a flyer, otherwise you’re welcome to steal the pictures and the text to spread the word. Thanks so much, these guys are wonderful. If my building allowed animals I would take them myself.

  • Poor parenting. How can a cat have a litter 5 months out of the womb. Someone was not tending to business. If there was a Maury Povich of the feline world, “Sam” would have been on it.

  • Water dogs with webbed feet and much better natural swimmers. Chesapeake Retrievers were bred to jump into wintry bay water and bring ducks back to the boat. A coat of ice forms on their guard hairs. I would get one if they weren’t so slobbery. Are there any water dogs that don’t drool?

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