AM PM Carry Out Becoming Tex-Mex Restaurant at 14th and V St, NW

Back in July a reader wrote in speculating that something was going on at the AM PM Carryout at the corner of 14th and V St, NW. He was right. It is going to become, La Fonda, a Tex-Mex restaurant. The liquor license application says:

“New Mexican restaurant offering “Tex-Mex” styled cuisine with live entertainment featuring a single musician and karaoke. Seating capacity is 220. Total occupancy load is 332. Sidewalk Café with seating for 48.”

Do you guys think a sidewalk cafe will work well at this location?

For fans of Tex-Mex, what’s your favorite dish?

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  • Yes! Perfect spot for all of the above. Now you can choose between tex-mex, american, and soul food all on the same corner.

  • If it’s good tex-mex, this will be LEGIT!

  • News like this makes my day.

  • You could not pay me to eat on this corner, especially outside. If you note the gentleman in the picture sitting along the wall, directly to his right are a set of dumpsters that stink. The sidewalk around there is FILTHY and typically littered with trash, liquor bottles, and drug paraphernalia from the group of people that congregate on the first 100 yards of that block where the soup kitchen is. While a new restaurant here might be a nice addition, until they do away with the neighbors, I will not be eating there.

  • There was a restaurant named La Fonda at the northeast corner of 17th & R (the building now housing Level One/Cobalt) for many years; the food there wasn’t very good. Perhaps this will feature better fare. It will have to overcome at least 20 years of history, noted by the prior poster, of that particular corner of 14th & V being known as a hangout for vagrants.

  • Honestly, I kind of think it’s a shame to kick out the “vagrants” OTBerbur are referring to with patio seating for a new, likely upscale restaurant. I walk by there all the time and they are always just playing chess and hanging out, i.e. not doing anybody any harm.

    • Agreed, they’re nice folk – just hanging out.

      The dumpster is pretty nasty, I’ll assume they move that. Even so, looking forward to some (hopefully good Mexican on that corner; hope it doesn’t hurt Pica Taco!

  • Doesn’t that seem like a huge seating capacity for a space that used to be carryout??

  • Any news on whether the bootleg car wash/detailing service will continue to operate out the back of the AM/PM building?

    There may be a drug problem around there but it’s not coming from the guys who hang out there and play chess. I’d talk to the security guard at the public housing complex across the street next to the Reeves Center if you want to really know what’s up around there.

  • I agree that a new restaurant would indeed be a great addition to the neighborhood, especially across the street from those of us in Union Row. That said, there will have to be some cleanup done around that corner before i would think of eating outside there.

  • Just curious L, are you a man? I’m not, and I sometimes get intimidating comments and/or noises when I walk over there. It’s the city – I’m a big girl & can handle it – but if this restaurant means more women will feel safe at that corner, I’m delighted!

    • Nope, not L. I’m a woman and have never felt threatened by the chess players. Of course I am usually walking around there during the day and I imagine it’s sketchier at night, but is it the same folks at night?

  • Get real. The people who hang out at 14th & V are not just a bunch of freindly chess players — they are substance abusers who are attending the various 12-step programs that are housed in the building that fronts on V. Most of them don’t live in the neighborhood. My guess is that most of them don’t attend voluntarily, but are probably there as a condition of their court-ordered probation.

    That area has been a problem for a long time. I have seen undercover drug busts go down on that corner, and these people just bring all sorts of trash into the neighborhood. Until that place closes, no respectable restaurant will be able to attract clientele.

    Of course, since Jim Graham goes to his AA meetings there, it will probably never close. Just sayin.

  • The substance abuse center is actually closed down Sneaky Pete get your facts straight.

  • A few months now. You must not be from the neighborhood.

  • me

    “La Fonda”? Wasn’t LaFawnda the name of that chick on Napoleon Dynamite?? 🙂

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