Logan Circle Buildings Getting Renovated to become Apartments and Retail

The 1300 block of 14th St, NW continues to get improved. From speaking to some workers it seems that the properties (1316-1320 14th St, NW) are owned by the same folks who renovated the Copperstone building next door. The Copperstone retail at 1314 14th St, NW currently houses Rollin Cycles and Logan 14 spa. It is my understanding that the buildings next door will become apartments with retail on the ground floor. At the moment no lease has been signed for the retail space. This retail space was the former home of Rollin Cycles and a hair studio. The other building (covered by black mesh) currently getting gutted, you may recall, had a blue awning for Tienda Izalco.

There will also be an addition built on top of the old Rollin Cycles and Hair Studio space which will reach the same height as the Tienda Izalco building. When completed there will be around 17 units between the two buildings. Construction is expected to take 8 months to a year.

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  • Damn Gentrificators!

  • Love it. I wonder when the old fish joint on the corner of 14th and P will bite the dust. Their dumpster on P is just sick.

  • Yay – more white people!

  • About time! That building was an empty shell for years, with broken windows and crumbling masonry.

  • Nice! Tienda Izalco had to have been the worst store name ever.

  • It’s great to see these old buildings come back to life and even better that they are bringing more residents to the area by offering residential units on top. I wish that dirty ethiopian joint on 14th & P would hurry up and close so we can get something better in that very prominent corner. They can’t even pull the weeds growing up against their front door or sweep up the trash outside. That place is so dirty, I’m amazed people live past eating their food.

    • er…I’m eating there tonight for like the 8th time. The food is pretty good. It could use some fixing up. I certainly think its environs are far less putrid than the fish joint across the street, which I noted above.

    • Have you ever actually tried “that dirty ethiopian joint”? Lalibella is fantastic, one of the best ethiopian restaurants in the city.

  • Went to the previous hair salon/barber shop that was there and it was alright. Decent prices, nice staff always busy. But she moved and now another over priced hair salon is opening on the 14th st. Just what we needed. Wonder if the old bike shop will open as another wine joint.

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