Yola, “fresh yogurt (not frozen) parfait bar and smoothie place” Coming to Dupont!

Yola owner, Laura Smith outside 1323 Connecticut Ave, NW

Yesterday a reader sent in word about a new frozen yogurt place coming to Dupont. Well it turns out it could be even better news for some – it’s a proper yogurt and smoothie place. Owner, Laura Smith was good enough to share a few details:

“Aside form the “create your own” parfait bar with various exotic and not so exotic toppings (I’m a yogurt, granola, and strawberry person myself), we also have a wide range of smoothies and juices. We are excited to be one of the only places in DC offering superfood smoothies (which if you are new to smoothies, superfoods can be vegetables or other very healthy options like blueberries or flaxseed oil). We also have regular smoothies for the more traditional Washingtonians. We will have high end coffee and baked items and other small eats, such as oatmeal.

Our space at 1323 Connecticut Ave, NW is LARGE (at about 18,000 square feet), so we really envision Yola being a community gathering space (of course, equipped with free Wifi). Also, we are in the middle of a very extensive certification process with the Green Restaurant Association, and as I mentioned before, many of our items will be organic and locally sourced.”

They hope to open in Oct. but an exact date depends on construction being completed. Stay tuned for an opening date.

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  • Ok, this sounds super tasty. But I am afraid of the pricing…

    Will the price be by weight, or by ingredient? Or a set price for X number of ingedients?

    Is there anything on the outside that says what this place is, and how it is different? It blends in with every other froyo shop.

    • The prices are set with unlimited toppings. We did this because we figured that there is only so much “real estate” in a cup, so for places that charge by the topping, you are really just paying for variety. And we didn’t want to do that to ya.

      Of course, this whole experience is a never-ending war between trying to keep prices down, but also trying to source locally/organic etc. We’re doing our best to keep those number down!

      As for differentiating ourselves, it will be clearer once we are open. We wanted to keep a little mystique…for now…

  • This place sounds awesome!

  • Laura, it looks great! Congratulations! Can’t wait to be a regular 🙂

  • I am partial to tangysweet myself because the classic flavor is the tangiest I’ve tried. I’m always open to trying new places, however, and I look forward to checking out the new spot. Good luck!

  • This place is going to be amazing! I can’t count the number of times I’ve just wanted something delicious but also healhty for breakfast before work. Or as a snack, for that matter. Way better than frozen yogurt.

  • Wow I def can’t wait either – when I heard the news yesterday it was kind of “meh, another froyo place”, but THIS! This is awesome! Depending on the prices, I plan on frequenting this place a lot!

  • 18,000 sf? That sounds like a typo… That could fit Trader Joe’s plus Starbucks, or 2 CVS stores!

  • This sounds just like what Dupont needs. I can’t wait for it to open — YUM!!!

  • This looks great!!! I didn’t know about the free wifi?! Sounds like a great place to hang out and get some work done!! I can’t wait for it to open!

  • This sounds awesome! I’ve never heard of an un-frozen yogurt place – what a great idea! For anyone who has read the ingredients on anything they have eaten in the past week, it sounds like this should be a refreshing alternative. Good call on the Wifi. I hope Laura will post on this site when they know the opening date. See you at Yola!

  • I love this idea! Can’t wait for the doors to be open–this will be great for Dupont and Washingtonians from all over. Healthy, quick, and green? Well done. Not to mention the unlimited toppings. Oh me oh my.

  • Suggest they expand to savory lunch items. How are they gonna pay rent on Connecticut Avenue selling yogurt parfaits?

    • Thanks Petworthian. We are currently developing a grab and go sandwich/small eats program that we hope will be delivered or made in house every morning. If you have a favorite sandwich or salad maker or local bread company, please share. In a recent small group survey we did, several people suggested Taylor’s sandwiches.

  • I’m sure with the smoothies, fresh organic pastries, and coffee (not to mention the wifi) they will have no trouble keeping up with rent 🙂 I love how a lot of the products will be locally sourced and unprocessed! I can’t wait to check it out. I was wondering, is there going to be a grand opening event?

  • Tito’s Grocery on Columbia used to serve yogurt they made fresh in the store with different toppings. It was really good! Freshly made yogurt makes such a difference.

    It is good to hear there will be another option since Tito’s closed.

  • I am a Dupont resident and would love to have an option for Taylor’s sandwiches in the area!

  • I can’t wait for YOLA to open for our regular visits to DC from Oxford, England. It sounds healthy, fun and comfy. Any chance of your coming to set up a restausrant here?

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