Whole Foods Coming to Foggy Bottom

We judged the new building at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW back in June. At the time we knew that a “full service grocery store” was slated for one of the retails spots. But now according to Bisnow we learn about two big signings – “Whole Foods (38k SF) and Vinson & Elkins law firm (around 75k SF).”

It’s no Trader Joes but a big score for Foggy Bottom residents.

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  • Foggy Bottom already has a Trader Joe’s!

  • yay.. another victory for white people!

  • As they used to say… Whole Foods is “afraid of the dark”

  • love trader joes. but whole foods is better. more selection, less pre-packaged stuff, and fresh meats!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I just moved from the Newport to Park Place. This is what the neighborhood voted for, which makes little sense to me. There’s a Trader Joe’s around the corner, and Whole Foods at 14th & P. However, good grocery stores are just making inroads in the city, so I guess it’s a good thing.

  • How many original DC residents can actually afford to buy groceries at Whole Foods?

    And then people complain about people who complain about gentrification

  • Pop,
    Are you for real? This is just around the corner from the only trader joes in DC proper!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes, yes I forgot about it! I still love Trader Joes better than Whole Foods but I know plenty of folks who prefer Whole Foods.

      • TJ and WF each has their strengths and weaknesses. I like WF for produce, bulk foods, and 365 brand packaged food, which I generally find to be reasonably priced and of good quality. TJ is good for things like cheese, coffee, affordable wine and some packaged goods. They complement each other pretty nicely, as long as you’re not bargain shopping in either (TJ gets the nod on value though).

    • No love for Harris Teeter? Thats another spot lacking color in DC

  • Trader Joes has all kinds of neat party snacks but never the fresh thing I came there for.

  • To those critical of Whole Foods they are quite candid about their target market (see below). And this location fits their target. They are just trying to make money, it is not that deep. Lots of people buy some products at Whole Foods. According to Af-Am women I know, Whole Foods has a good selection of products for natural black hair.


    If you have a retail location you think would make a good site for Whole Foods Market, Inc., please review the following guidelines carefully for consideration:

    200,000 people or more in a 20-minute drive time
    25,000-50,000 Square Feet
    *Large number of college-educated residents*

    college educated = disposable income

    Captcha = “afford nature”

    • This website doesnt have a 25k-50k sq feet, else this could have been a perfect spot for another Whole Foods!

  • I thank god there is a Trader Joe’s in DC. It allows me to eat relatively inexpensively (rice & beans, frozen foods, and Three Buck Chuck). WF has reliable meat, produce, vitamins and herbal products, and ready-to-eat prepared foods, but there are three WF stores I can visit already. What will the fourth do?

  • you know what? A decent store that employs people within the district is ALWAYS good.

    Sheesh, you Debbie Downers!

    You don’t have to like everything about Whole Foods, but those of us that live in the city are still suffering from decent grocery stores, so we can hope that the opening of a WF here and there will make places like the Socialist Safeway want to improve. Doubtful, but maybe.

  • Well, it beats shopping at that unfortunate Safeway at Watergate. Too bad I will be out of FB before Whole Foods opens. Grrrr.

  • No one’s complaining that Wegman’s hasn’t come near the district…

    captcha: turgidity controls

  • Personally I don’t see it as a score for Foggy Bottom. A Giant or new Safeway would have been so much better than Whole Foods. As much as I like Whole Foods, there are certain things I need to cook with that I can only get at Safeway or Giant. Trader Joe’s is great but limited in some ways when it comes to produce and other foods. The Safeway under the Watergate is just pathetic and smells like feet all the time, and not recently pedicured feet either.

  • I’m pretty psyched. I work in FB and live in north Petworth (not by Yes and Safeway). It’s a long walk to any grocery stores, but now I’ll have a place with fresh good stuff I can pick up on the way home…

  • wow I can’t believe some of the comments on this post.
    I guess WF is just an easy target…

    And for those who say WF is so expensive, it really isn’t. It’s very competitive to Safeway and Giant and the quality of food is definitely worth the small premium.
    Also, their bulk food section is very cheap if you know what you’re doing. For example a pound of oatmeal cost about 1.89 bulk, compared to the frosted flakes most people eat at 3.50-4.00. But most people will go for the sugar cereal since the only work involved is pouring milk and shoveling it in the mouth…

    • Totally agree. I live in Logan and WF is the best option in the area. I stick to the 365 brand and have always been happy with the meat/produce selection. I did a full food shopping excursion to the Giant in Columbia Heights and it didn’t cost much less than what I usually spend at Whole Foods AND most of it tasted better. If you know how to shop at Whole Foods, and don’t buy premium products all the time, you can certainly shop there regularly.

  • do you all do most of your shopping at just one grocery store?

    i cycle through about 5 places.

  • I agree you just need to know what to buy at Whole Food and you don’t have to spend that much. I still go to Safeway for some specific products not availableat WF ( French Dijon mustard to be precise).

  • Wow, another Whole Foods..I was just mentioning to someone that Trader Joe’s in FB must do well over $1,000/s.f. in sales..Whole Foods will be great there! Do we need it? No..but I sure like their cheese dept., I mean that alone is worth the trip!

    BTW – the P St. store has a VERY diverse audience – poor to rich and a multitude of ethnic groups – Safeway, Giant and SFW really focus on core brands – much of that is snacky snacks, not really great food!

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