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  • The upper logo, with the Capitol dome, is a remnant from the B&O railroad. I think they denote B&ORR bridges or something.

    • those logos are not for railroad bridges (though most places that you’d find them in the city would be over or under railroads), they’re inventory numbers for bridges in general in the city.

      • What’s the difference between the blue ones and the red ones? I was going by what Flickr user rockcreek had indicated, that there was some connection to the B&ORR, but it would make sense that there was no connection if used for purely automotive bridges.

  • I’ll just assume the one on the bottom is part of an Arlington National Cemetery tombstone.

    • i’ve been told that they’re similar to the district’s boundary stones, but set off the shape of the l’enfant city. i don’t buy that completely. i’ve seen another one at five points on florida avenue, which would be on the original city edge, but if this one was on maryland avenue (depending on which block it was located on), i’m inclined to believe they’re just old federal property markers, used on triangle parks and the like.

  • The state streets are filthy with federal reservations, usually at the points and triangular in shape. This stone probably marks the edge of one.

  • The USA is a property marker for a US reservation, as Brian says.

    It might make sense to contact someone at DDOT to explain the difference between blue and red bridge inventory numbers.

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