West End Cinema Coming to 2301 M St, NW

I tweeted about this on Friday (you can follow me on twitter @PoPville here) because I was so psyched but it deserves proper Monday morning discussion. The description from the alcohol application says:

Movie Theater with concession stands serving food & beverage service.

Sunday through Thursday 10 am – 12 am and Friday & Saturday 10 am – 2 am”

So movies and food and beer. Sounds awesome! I wonder if it’ll be like the Arlington Cinema and Draft House? Though after the alcohol license came out the owner sought to reassure his neighbors:

Note that even though the address is 2301 M St, NW the location is actually on the 23rd St, NW side on the lower level. We’ve spent a lot of time pining for a new movie theater, it’s nice to finally share news of a new one. And it’ll serve alcohol!

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  • I was really hoping the announcement was about the CVS at 2819 M Street NW (old Biograph Theater) was coming back, but that will have to be another post. Wonderful news to have a new movie cinema in G-town!

  • This location had a movie theater in the mid 90s to early 2000s then it dissapeared.

  • Digging up the add section of a Washington Post from the mid nineties will show you how many small theaters there used to be downtown and in Georgetown. There was one on L street near 24th, this one, one at 1919 M, one at 1025 Thomas Jefferson, the Key & the Biograph, the former Visions location, and I think there was another one on 25 st right near the theater you mention.

    The one I really miss is the Foundry at 1025 Thomas Jefferson, which showed dollar movies which sometimes included artier stuff.

    This particular one wasn’t that great. The screens were tiny, and there were pillars in the middle of the theater.

  • I would LOVE it to be like the Arlington Draft House! Either way, this is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.

  • Is there not a more attributable attraction to this blog than booze ?

    (Watch the next comment be, “Yeah, I’ll drink to that”.)

  • I remember the Foundry as well in Georgtown! it’s all about money and where people go, no one wanted to see indepentant and foriegn films until it was lost to the LOWES, down there that caters to the college crowd and yuppies. gotta love how DC changes tho.

  • two other movie theaters in the DC area that serve booze are the avalon way up on connecticut and the AFI in silver spring. a much better way to watch a movie in my opinion.

  • Maza Gallerys theater has booze on the weekends and Estreet also serves beer. Its kinda the norm now. And yeah I’m happy about that. As for arlington cinema. I think that would be a business model (beer and second run/ cult movies)best placed in adams morgan/ columbia heights. Might I suggest the old Ontario Theater on Columbia RD.

  • Is it so difficult to bring your flask with you if have to drink during a movie?

  • Anyone know what type of films this place will be screening?

  • are we really hurting for good movie theaters in this city? Between E Street (and the Landmark affiliate in Bethesda), AFI, Avalon, and Uptown, not to mention several huge commercial theaters, seems to me like our bases are pretty well covered. Especially compared to the “good old days” of theaters like that dump in Dupont Circle with the “obstructed view” seats due to support columns in the middle of the seating area… Sometimes nostalgia is a bit irrational I think.

  • I would die for an Alamo Drafthouse in DC. Best cinemas EVER.

  • It will show indie and foreign films — as well as some rep and, best of all, a regular schedule of midnight movies — basically fare similar to E Street or the Avalon. The owner is doing a fantastic job upgrading, remodeling the place. I think it will be a great addition to the city.

  • hello 1980 man!

  • Hey PoP from your description, it sounds like the West End will go into the old location for The Foundry movie theatre – which I still miss today. So excited for West End, this sounds great. I miss the time when Georgetown and Dupont had independent movie theatre….anyone grow up in DC and remember Halloween and the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre where the B&N is now?

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