Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located in the “Car Barn” at East Capitol Street NE at 15th Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious Car Barn, Dedicated Gated Parking
Over 1700 sq/ft townhouse condo
2 level/2.5BA
2 master BR, each with full bath
Large open living space with half bath off kitchen
Abundant walk in closet space
Granite kitchen tops with stainless appliances, W/D,CAC, wood burning fireplace
Seasonal pool
Gated dedicated parking
1 block from lincoln park
Pet friendly neighborhood”

Does $2800 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2.5 bath rental? What’s the scoop on the car barn?

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  • it’s a white-person fortress

  • That’s a lot of space for not too much money.

    • I agree– this looks like a good deal. That area around Lincoln Park is so nice. And it has parking, too! I think I’ll inquire about this one.

  • It’s over-priced. The Car Barn is where a turn station for the old streetcars used to be.

  • I live a few blocks north of there. From what I’ve seen passing by, the car barn is essentially a gated community — the apartments are only accessible after passing through locked gateways. There’s a pretty decent Safeway just a few blocks away and the overall neighborhood isn’t bad. The carbarn’s buildings all look pretty nice, but that seems like a lot of money to me (though I’ve gotten pretty used to living on the cheap).

  • Car Barn is awesome. The immediate neighborhood can be a little rough, but it’s a completely gated community (with pool! And parking!) and that’s a pretty huge place. The price seems high at first glance, but I think it’s probably about right for the Car Barn. (although for a place not in the car barn on the same block, I’d say WAY overpriced – so take that for what it’s worth)

    • How can any neighborhood in Cap Hill be a little rough? Trinidad is a little rough.

    • It’s a townhouse, right? I’ve seen others on the Hill renting for that much, and they don’t have all the amenities. Of course, you can find a house for less if you search hard enough, but it probably won’t be as nice.

    • Nichole, you’re the only one here giving the place a rave review. Is that your ad?

      • I wasn’t the only one, but no. I would never live that far east. And, I wouldn’t say I gave it a rave review. But I know people who live in there, and it’s nice. Inside the gates, anyway.

        • Haha. True, it’s an interesting concept for a place, and the grounds are nice as are some of the places inside. All depends on how they’ve been renovated.

  • I’ve never found this place to look appealing. Every time I go by on the bus I think “there’s that weird, gated thing that could’ve been so much cooler.” My feeling is you shouldn’t live in Stadium Armory if you’re not comfortable without gates.

  • The CarBarn used to be a total s**thole apartment complex that was poorly maintained. They sold them off as condos and it’s now essentially a “gated community” condo complex.
    Since they’re all individually owned now, it’s hit or miss as to what renovations each owner has done and how well they did them. They obviously updated the appliances and cabinets, but judging by the fact that every stick of furniture in that place is from IKEA, I doubt they spent any serious money on the renovations that would have been necessary to justify the $2800 a month price tag. That is way too high for that place.

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