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A reader wrote in last week suggesting that I start doing a 5pm final post. I said, I’m cool with it if you guys are. So what type of post would you like to see at 5pm? A roundup of the day’s neighborhood news? A real estate/development type post? More restaurant news? Or something real chill like an interesting architectural feature, sign, art etc? Or something all together different?

And if you have other suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me in person on Wed. at the next PoP Happy Hour at Duffy’s starting at 6:30pm.

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  • I suggest a cool display of DC pride to wrap up the day. i.e. a dc flag tattoo, a crazy Nats fan, cool dc t-shirts etc.

  • Joke of the day

  • How about recommended happy hour? Or, fun thing to do that evening?

  • Something racist, please!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, that made me laugh, but it looks like I’m gonna go with a happy hour or a ‘PoP Pick’ for that evening if enough folks agree.

  • I do like the morning and evening wrap-up posts from DCist and the GGW morning post.

    My vote is for stories that you find interesting. Be they news, cool DC stuff (tats, flags, tshirts, …), or interesting evening events (happy hours, movies, concerts, ….).

    • I like the PoP Pick idea! Pretty much anything you think is awesome, be it DC pride, happy hour, or a particularly amusing e-mail/photo you received – whatever floats your boat at the time!

  • Bike of the Day (BoTD!)

  • If it’s 5, you better tell us what drink is in your hand. Choose your poison.

  • Thanks for this opportunity, PoP.

    Something that is uniquely Washington:

    a site, an overlooked destination that is more local than touristy like:

    Theodore Roosevelt Island, The Warf on Maine Avenue, the meatpackers on Bladensburg that produce our very own Washington Half Smokes, the Florida House next to the Supreme Court building, The Julia Child Kitchen exhibit, the surprisingly good food served at the congressional office commissaries, like the Dirksen Building, the skiffs that make their way down the Georgetown Canal, Blues Jazz Alley, HR 57 Jazz Hall at 14th & Q Streets, sports venues, small theatrical stages, places of worship, The Recorder of Deeds Building on Indiana Avenue is just marvelous after its lobby restoration, The interior of the Uptown Theatre lobby, a historical building review or the latest exhibit at the public art galleries downtown as they are featured every month in Wolf’s The Intowner Newspaper still in publication since the 1970’s.

    Washington has many beautiful bridges that are seldom seen here, like The Taft Bridge, Duke Ellington Bridge as seen from the park looking up.

    Bring us all those places that are here, but we rarely see. More interiors than just curbside and sidewalk perspectives.

    An Embassy profile one a week alone will take three years for you to complete. What country doesn’t have an Embassy in Washington ?

    More later.

  • Fence of the day

  • +1 @Kendra. Or:

    – Interesting DC fact of the day
    – DC Trivia question of the day

    Or any of the 3.

  • PoP pix pick of the day – the 5:00 garden or gate or pup from PoPville.

    You could feature something different each week, or month.

  • How about a snapshot of Google Traffic for the region so I know which way to head home?


    Something different to do that weekend. Most people only spend a few years in DC and never get much beyond the tour guide stuff.

  • Happy Hours are fine, but mix in some activities too: good pick-up soccer or basketball games, gallery walks, open-mics, dance/live music (with tickets still available), farmer’s markets, outdoor movies, fun classes/lessons, gang bike-rides or skates, volunteer opportunities, etc., etc.

  • PoP pick of the day/evening is good. How about a drink recipe?

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