Vida Gym to Likely Replace Result Gym Closing at the City Vista

Earlier this morning we spoke about the Results Gym that was closing Sept. 1 in the City Vista building in Mt. Vernon Square. Just wanted to share the early word from a well placed source that it is looking like Vida Fitness will be taking over the space.

This is still technically scuttlebutt but I give it a very high probability of coming through.

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  • So why post a picture of the Metropole at 15th and P? Because there’s a Vida there?

  • This Results/Vida fight is gettng interesting!

  • Why can’t someone put in a decent gym at View 14? Maybe a Golds or something else that’s reasonably priced and well maintained.

  • I understand the Results on U Street will also become a Vida as well. There’s an interesting rumor about an ownership rivalry there, but I don’t know the whole story.

  • Already offering a deal to City Vista members

  • former partners. the one who owns vida also owns the building on U St. so he fucked the other parter out of the lease at the end, didnt renew.

    and now it looks like results guy is going down somewhat

    couldnt happen to more of a prick

  • As the communications director at Balance Gym, I wanted to pass along the following message:

    Balance Gym would like to welcome all the gym orphans from Results at Mt. Vernon Triangle to come try out our facilities for free. Bring in your contract and we’ll give you a month free at any of our three unique locations. In addition to that, if you decide you like us within that month (which we know you will) , sign up and we’ll waive the initiation fee. We’d hate for anyone have to disrupt their training, so we hope to see you soon!

  • I’m an orphaned C.V. Results member and love all the courting from all of the gyms in the city! Any idea what the monthly rate is for VIDA? I just saw the offer for us to move over there on their site.

    PS–we need a decent gym in Shaw…people at View 14 have several options with in 4 blocks.

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