Update on Building at 3rd and P St, NW Plus Ozio Getting a Roof Deck

Back in Dec. ’09 we heard that the renovated building at the corner of 3rd and P St, NW in Truxton Circle was going to become a wine store and/or market. The building looks great though it still sits vacant. I did notice a for lease sign has gone up. The owner has always intended to lease the downstairs space out to another business. Anyone heard any rumors of movement either on the wine store or other tenants looking at the downstairs space?

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And Ozio located at 1813 M St, NW is looking to open a roof deck. From an alcohol application permit:


New Roof top Summer Garden. Occupancy load is 110.”

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  • Speaking of roof decks, Dre over at the Derby told me last night that the roof deck is a couple weeks away. They are working on getting the coolers installed for the bar and some other minor issues worked out.

  • it would look even greater if they would tear up that asphalt in front of the building. between them and the church building around the corner at NJ and P, there’s a plague of front-yard asphalt in that neck of the woods.

  • Here are some pictures of the fresh looking interior:


    I’d like them to use the giant front patio for outdoor seating. Imagine, a glass of wine in one hand, a baguette in the other. Livin’.

    For a long time, I had hoped this would become an Cosi-like spot. Coffee in the morning, vino at night. Throw in some cupcakes as well, please.

    • fresh?

      they put in a drop ceiling and used those god-awful generic 1-foot beige tiles for the floor.

      fresh like a six-week old banana.

      (they list the city as “washington, virginia 20001” as well. no comment needed there.)

  • Geez. Isn’t there a comment in a post about a overtaxed pizzas you could rail against?

    Also, pay more attention. How did you miss the new hardwood floors? I think you’re commenting on the basement rental space.

    • tres: those don’t look like hardwood floors, they look like either engineered or laminate. low-price substitutes for the real thing.

      sorry, it’s nice it’s not a vacant, decrepit building anymore, but it’s nothing fancy. there’s nothing wrong with low-priced materials, but they don’t make the place stand out in any way.

      • It’s so not laminate. Who said it was “fancy”?

        I’d like to see people more willing to boost the green shoots in certain neighborhoods.

        Snide comments help no one. No crime was committed here. The guy that turned this place around spent a lot of money. I’d like to see him do well. I’m on his side.

        • i never said i want to see it fail. i’m on his side too. i hope this guy gets fat, rich, and happy. i wish everyone could.

          i’m just not one to give in to mindless boosterism, which is what your “fresh” and “livin'” comments came across as.

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