Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 3201 Adams Mill Rd, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This ground floor 1 BEDROOM apartment, located in historic Mt. Pleasant, is steps away from the Zoo and Rock Creek Park. The address is located on the H bus line or .5 mile from Cleveland Park Metro (Red line). The street is not zoned so parking for a non-DC resident is NOT a problem.
This unit is newly renovated and VERY CONTEMPORARY. The property is located on the corner; there is LOTS of light.

The apartment features:
– Beautiful stainless steel appliance kitchen with Carrera marble counter tops
– Slate tile floor in main area, carpet in the bedroom
– Washer/Dryer
– 3 closets
– Full bathroom (with a bathtub)
– Outdoor space
– An alarm system”

Think $1500 sounds reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Couple things bug me about the listing:

    –According to the Gmaps pedometer, it’s closer to a mile than .5 of a mile to CP Metro. And that’s an uphill walk to the Metro. True, you could take the H2 or H4 to the Metro, but relying on the notoriously unreliable H bus is risky business.

    –“The street is not zoned so parking for a non-DC resident is NOT a problem.” I’m sure the neighbors will be thrilled with the landlord encouraging yet another non-DC car taking up a spot on an un-zoned street.

    • Bear

      I used to live on an unzoned block nearby–parking was indeed a problem for non-residents. Just because you’re not required to have a parking permit doesn’t mean that parking enforcement won’t notice that a car with out-of-state tags is hanging out. My old roommate had out-of-state tags and was issued a warning within a couple of months of moving in the house. She either had to prove residency in the state the car was registered to (not an easy process since her lease and job were in DC) or go ahead and register the car in DC.

      • heh…yeah, you need a ROSA exemption, and I’m impressed she lasted a couple of months…I got nailed in just two weeks – immediately after the grace period ended.

      • Because registering the car in DC is the right thing to do. I don’t understand why so many people are too scared or lazy to do so.

        • cost.
          and that crazy belief that dc will just be that stepping stone on your path to greater things until you realize that you’re either stuck here forever. or that you actually like it.

          a real life casablanca.

        • A lot of renters hop between DC, MD, and/or VA, and it’s a big hassle to have to switch everything over every time you move. Last time it took me about 15 trips to the DMV and countless hours wasted waiting in line, on the phone, and drafting letters to various entities. Even if things go smoothly it’s not exactly a picnic, so I can see why people avoid doing it.

  • I bike by that house all the time. It’s definitely a mile to the Metro, and not an easy one either (half of that is straight uphill out of Rock Creek Park on Porter). That being said, its only 3/4 of a mile to Columbia Heights.

    If it’s the building I’m thinking of, it also has this weird driveway that looks exactly like a sidewalk coming up from the street corner. I always used to think that the car there had just cold parked on the sidewalk.

  • Maybe the apartment has lots of light, but you certainly can’t tell from the pictures – there’s not a single window photographed. In fact the ceilings look pretty low so I wonder if this is actually a basement, not ground floor?

  • $1500 for a basement? (because come on, you can call it “ground floor”, but it’s a basement) Definitely over-priced.

    Also, is it weird that they mention its (supposed) distance to the Cleveland Park metro station, but not the (lesser) distance to the Columbia Heights station?

  • Not a goddamn chance. It’s definitely a basement. And it’s just too far-the-hell away (1 mile or .8 miles uphill – neither of which are enjoyable walks) from a Metro. Only thing going for it is that it’s a 1BR and not an efficiency; but still not worth $1500.

  • no no absolutely not. too much for the location/size/light/etc

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