Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at 1631 S Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This magnificent building offers studios, one and two bedroom apartments with antique heart pine floors and boutique sunlit kitchens.

* On-line rent payment
* On-line maintenance requests
* On-site storage facilities
* Modern laundry facilities
* Discounted high-speed wired and wireless internet access
* 24 Hour controlled access and video monitoring”

I’m thinking this is gonna go pretty fast because the ad says this studio is going for $900 this week only. Am I crazy or does that seem pretty cheap?

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  • It is super cheap, and from the looks of things it didn’t last long (the craigslist ad has been taken down already). I actually live in this building, and $900 for a studio is a steal (the units are all rent-controlled and vary wildly in price, from what I can tell). I’m paying ~1700 for a one bedroom and I still think that’s a great bargain for the amount of space and the location. Unfortunately the property manager/guy who shows the building is kind of impossible to work with, but if you can get past him and actually sign a lease, it’s great.

  • Hmmm, CL post has already been deleted. Taken or scam?

    • It’s probably been taken down due to an overwhelming response. The link now reads “This posting has been removed by its author.” Postings that are flagged as scams have a different message. They say “This posting has been flagged for removal.”

  • $1700/month in that location is a super deal!

  • That has been posted a number of times with a different photo because that studio is ridiculously tiny. Whenever you come across studios that cheap in Dupont, there’s a good reason behind it.

    • Anything for that price in that area is a good deal. Most studios in Dupont are just big enough for a bed (some have Murphy beds) but they’re usually more like $1200.

      • I beg to differ. I once looked at a studio for $900 on Corcoran. The building looked like a seedy motel, the hallways had the feel of prison cell blocks, and the apartment itself was really shabby. Slanted ceilings, beyond tiny, no remodeling done in what appeared to be 50 years, horrible views, and no laundry in the building. I’m willing to eat a couple of hundred dollars if that means I’ll actually like being in my place.

        Studios in Dupont for $1200. You sure about that? Sounds awfully low.

        • i have a studio in dupont for $1200. took a while to find, but it’s a great price for a great location.

  • I called about a cheap studio in that building once and they told me that the price reflected the fact that it was a “Bachelor Studio”, ie. it doesn’t have any semblance of a kitchen- not even a hotplate. In my opinion the price and location wouldn’t make up for the fact that you’d have to live off of microwaveable meals and wash dishes in a bathroom sink. Been there, done that- in college!

  • I went to see that place with a friend. It is tiny, tiny, tiny!

  • before we moved to bloomingdale, we lived in Dupont — 18 & S — for $1350 for one bedroom, 700 sq ft on third floor, southern exposure with 6 windows. sure it was a walk up and the building wasn’t renovated. but it was amazing and had so much charm 🙂 its possible, you just have to look hard (and sign the lease on the spot, which is what we did).

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