Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Congress Heights (Reader Request)

This rental is located at 3876 9th St SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Come live in this quite southeast neighborhood where there is plenty of parking and great families. This building has wonderful tenants and would be a great place to call home. It was recently updated with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.”

I’m not too familiar with this neighborhood so I’ll be interested to hear what folks think – $899 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • That’s not Congress Heights, it’s Washington Highlands, although the Congress Heights Metro station is within walking distance (under a mile). It’s separated from Congress Heights by Oxon Run. I know this area pretty well, and there’s still a lot of crime associated with the large public housing projects in the neighborhood. On a more positive note, there is a new Giant/IHOP not too far a way, and The ARC arts center is nearby.

  • I wouldn’t live there for free. I was just over there yesterday. I left there and had to go to Ballston. I’m telling you I felt like I had just visited a third world country. It was so nasty over there. Styrofoam containers everywhere. Trash everywhere. Young men AND women just milling around aimlessly. It felt dangerous, nasty, and just unappealing.

  • At the risk of being told I need to move back to the suburbs and that Congress Heights/Washington Highlands is 100% safe and walkable, a perfect place to live, I would not live there. Amenities are few and far between and it’s not safe to walk around at night.

    I have a couple friends who have moved out to that general area and I do not like visiting them. There’s nowhere to go but to stay inside and it just feels volatile.

  • Good Deal!
    As far as crime, I dont think it’s as bad as the crime in some of the NW neighborhoods where shootings, stabbings, and robberies are constantly reported….You dont have to worry about being caught in a shootout when you step off the metro.

  • Certainly a scary area for folks not used to the chaos that is many DC streets, but everyone has to live somewhere I guess. Also, DC differs block to block, so maybe that block is nice and they can arrange their life to avoid the thugs and scum.

    Note that if they work downtown, the commute will still suck from there, so I’d opt for living in VA for that money. The commute will be longer but less violent and quality of life is much, much better. A friend of mine lives near there and whenever I visit I hate it, last time I was there someone set off some sort of massive gas bomb in the alley. 20 foot fireball and meek police drive through, that’s what passes for fun.

  • no love for this area, huh?

  • Its decent, its a basement apartment. The street is pretty nice. During the summer intern season its a good deal. Otherwise maybe 50-100 dollars less would be a good deal

  • Not a good deal. I have some friends that have moved to this area, and they all pay much less for a 1 bedroom thats not a basement. $899 for a basement apt in this neighborhood is too much in my opinion, when I compare it to what I know others are paying in this area ($625-$825).

  • I just love hearing people bash a neighborhood that they have NO IDEA where it is located or what it is like to live there. Call me sensitive but I have been living in Congress Heights (which is not where this apartment is located btw so please change the heading)for three years in an awesome condominium (www.savoycourt.com) and I haven’t had a problem. I have been writing a blog on the community for over two years and I haven’t regretted my move here. Not when I am walking around my awesome condo with its great amneties, not when I am BBQ on my rooftop deck, not when I am taking yoga and pilates at the $20 million facility up the street, walk my dog around the neighborhood or in the park, gaze at the deer and bald eagles in the neighborhood or go shopping (okay not in love with the Giant but still its new and convienent) or when I go to the brand new library in my neighborhood or meet my friends for coffee in Anacostia or check out the three art galleries there or museum.

    I can’t speak on this listing because as I said it’s so NOT in Congress Heights but before you knock a place perhaps you should learn about it – and not just what you read on the evening news.

    Ciao – time to go back to blogging about the REAL Congress Heights.

    The Advoc8te

  • By the way for the person who says the commute sucks – what map are you looking at? It takes me literally seven minutes to drive to Crystal City and less than 10 minutes to drive downtown. 5 minutes to get to Maryland or Virginia.

    I would laugh at these comments if people were not this serious about not knowing about the area.

    Just say you don’t know. Don’t just assume because the little bit of info you have is all that there is.

    And yes I am annoyed.

  • DC as a whole is undergoing a transformation. Petworth has put out some of the MOST notorious criminals in DC. Less than 10 years ago, the same would be said of Petworth. However, it’s changed and this area in SE is now undergoing the same. Maybe the person could move and become a contributing member of society, just like others did in Petworth a few years ago? One less house with styrofoam cups in front of it eh?

  • some places Do look like trash and need a lot of work.

    but if everyone just avoided those areas forever, DC would never have become the city it is now (and is still becoming).

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