Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park/Woodley Park

This rental is located at 2824 Devonshire Pl NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“-Updated Kitchen, Gas Stove, Hardwood Floors
-Water, Gas, Electric INCLUDED, Summer AC Fee ($50 per month per AC unit)
-Additional Storage Available, On-Site Manager, Vending Machines, Coin Operated Laundry”

Does $1420 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • No dishwasher. Coin laundry. But for that area I think that is the going rate.

    • yeah, probably a fair price.

      but DL, i continue to be confused as to why someone would need a dishwasher in a one bedroom. i’ve said it before, but it seems equivalent having a giant copy machine in your home office or a riding mower for your 10×15 plot of grass.

      • Because in a one-bedroom you probably have very little counter space and who wants to take up that precious real estate with a drying rack?

        • I’d rather have a few dishes drying next to the sink (or, god forbid, have to dry them by hand) than have them rotting in the dishwasher for the next few days until it’s full enough to run.

          I’m with 11th– dishwashers in one-bedrooms and studios are unnecessary. And I’d rather have an extra closet than a washer/dryer, for that matter.

          • It’s just me and the cat in my apartment. I’m lazy and the cat is opposed to doing the dishes himself (something about an aversion to water); therefore I stack the dishes into the dishwasher where they’ll sit for days and days before I run the washer. Surprisingly, the stench of dirty dishes does not seep out of the dishwasher (probably because I don’t put entire plates of food in there). That’s the way it is and I like it!

          • Yeah, it’s not that there’s a stench, but it grosses me out nonetheless. And according to my exterminator, roaches are attracted to the moist, warm, dark environment of a dishwasher.

          • And I guess by your logic, air conditioning in a one-bedroom apartment is unnecessary, because hey, being warm isn’t gonna kill you. And who needs a washer/dryer, when you can wash your clothes in the sink too?

            I personally think it’s a convenience that most people these days would not want to live without.

      • I guess you don’t cook much. I cook my dinners every day, often for other people as well. I work from home half the time and use dishes and pots and utensils for breakfast and lunch. I end up daily with a lot of dirty dishes. I now live in a house. I used to live in a 1 BR. I create just as many dirty dishes daily now as I did in my 1 BR. I felt like I was always doing the dishes in my 1 BR – no dishwasher. Now I have one, and it saves me a lot of time. The size of your living space is irrelevant – it’s how many dirty dishes you generate a day that makes a dishwasher a nice addition.

        • Actually, I cook most days, and make baked goods like cookies, pies, cakes, etc, at least a couple times a week. I didn’t have a dishwasher when I was single and living alone, and I didn’t miss it.

          Now that I live with my partner I do have a dishwasher, but we only need to run it once every few days. Even when I made a large wedding cake a few months ago I washed most of the stuff by hand because it was easier.

          • Didn’t you just say a dishwasher in a 1Br was unnecessary because you’d have dishes “rotting” in the dishwasher for a few days? Isn’t exactly what you said you have now, “we only need to run it once every few days?”

            For the record, I’m always pro dishwasher. I don’t mind leaving dishes in there for a few days until it’s full, and according to things I read on the internet, which are always true, washing by hand uses almost twice as much water as in the dishwasher. Mostly though it saves me time. I think virtually everyone would rather have a dishwasher nowadays, regardless of the size of the unit/house they rent/purchase. I doubt any apartments have been built in the last 20 years without one in every apartment.

          • Yes, that’s what I said, and I reiterated my point by saying that even with twice as many people using the dishwasher it barely gets used often enough to justify it being there. It was actually attracting roaches for a while.

          • Rereading my comment, I should have been more specific: once every 2-3 days for the two of us versus once every 5-6 days for myself.

          • Maybe the dishwasher uses less water (I’m skeptical of this), but how much more energy?

        • most european transplants — and there are a lot of them in need of rentals here — are used to not having dishwashers.

      • Rick: I’m just saying that for me, a dishwasher is a “nice to have” item but is not very high on my priority list. So I, like some of the others here, find it funny that it’s the first thing people tend to complain about when assessing these rentals.

        Please don’t mock and/or criticize me for not caring about a dishwasher; not everyone looks for the same things in an apartment. Personally, I think more important features are the size and layout of the apartment, the type of floors it has, how much natural light it gets, the amount of storage/closet space, whether the stove is gas or electric, and so forth. I’ve found the dishwashers in most rental units are of such poor quality that half the dishes need to be re-washed, anyway.

  • So does anybody have any comments on whether or not this is a good rental option? Or should PoP just change the title of the posting to “Tues Afternoon Dishwasher Option”?

    • Well it seems high to me but I feel I’m not familiar enough with Cleveland/Woodley Park to speak authoritatively on the rental options. 🙂

  • regular dish soap is a lot cheaper than dishwasher soap, also

  • yeah, i’m sorry my comment hijacked the conversation. i, too, have no idea about whether or not this is a good deal for this apartment. it looks nice.

    back to the dishwasher, to the issue of comparative energy use/carbon emissions:


    there are a lot of factors that could alter this from england vs. dc (electricity generating fleet, amount of energy needed to deliver water to residences, etc.) and the stats from the dishwasher assume a full load every time.

  • Pro-dishwasher, pro-washer/dryer, pro-garbage disposal!

  • I’m opposed to being a landlord, but when I see what people are renting their shitty condos for, I often rethink it. My mortgage isn’t even $1150….so at this rate, I could make a nice penny being a landlord!

  • I’ve never used a dishwasher in my entire life. I wouldn’t even know what soap to buy, or where to put it.

    This fact allowed me to catch my landlord’s real estate agent in the act of helping herself to my dishes while hosting an open house (a HUGE HUGE no-no, i had warned them). My landlord has my apartment on the market.

    Of course, they also left the heat on because they improperly turned off the air conditioner (which i had also forbade them from using).

    Good times. At the next open house they will find that all the relevant knobs needed to turn on these appliances have been temporarily removed.

  • …and i’m even considering removing all the light bulbs in the apartment.

  • The craigslist ad has been taken down so I can’t see other pics or whether it is pet-friendly, but the price seems right for the neighborhood and lack of extras (no dishwasher, no central A/C, no parking included).

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