Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/U Street

This rental is located at 1417 Chapin St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Chic and cozy condo available fully-furnished starting 1 September.
Includes the following amenities:

• Mounted 42-inch flat screen HDTV
• Washer/dryer in the bedroom
• Brand new appliances
• Fully-stocked kitchen
• Bedding, and towels
• Fireplace in the bedroom
• Hardwood floors and granite countertops
• Designer furniture
• Sealy’s luxury mattress
• Adjustable thermostat and central AC
• Balcony and roof deck
• Street-side parking
• Water and garbage collection
• Cable and internet ready
• Bike rack
• Easy walk to two metros and 14th street busses
• Walking distance to Meridian Hills Park, Whole Foods, Giant, Harris Teeter, Yes Organic, dry cleaners, gym, nightlife, and restaurants”

Think this 1 bedroom will rent for $2200?

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  • Excuse me?

  • I don’t get it … is the owner fleeing the country or something? This is weird.

  • I agree, this looks sketchy. It looks like a short-term rental/sublet but it doesn’t specify lease length.

    Plus at this price it should be downtown or in Dupont.

  • Conveniently situated directly north of my monthly salary after taxes.

  • wha-wha-what?

    You’ve got to be kidding at that price.

    Easy walking distance to Metro: Annoyingly situated equidistantly between two stations, and therefore the longest distance possible to either.

    And that walking distance to Whole Foods: 11 blocks. Doable, but not happily.

  • That price is crazy. Bad spot for metro.Washer/dryer in the bedroom? No thanks.

  • The price is probably set at or around what the condo owner needs to cover the mortgage and condo fees. I doubt the owner will be able to rent it at that high of a price.

  • I could actually see this renting for that price for a federal employee on detail. Still a better deal for the feds (compared to a hotel) and, frankly, a pretty great location.

    • The market for fed employee rentals is pretty lucrative. Just take what a nearby hotel costs per month, and scale back price a little. I recently saw a 2 bedroom near the convention center rented at $5000 to the feds. Crazy, huh?

      If this person wants to charge that much, they should really get in touch with a prop management firm that specializes in federal clients, and not list in the general market.

      Does price include utilities at least?

  • $2,200/month for that location is insane. There’s still a fair amount of “urban drama” in the immediate vicinity, as well.

  • My friend had a similar unit in this building. Its a good layout for how small (square foot) it is. Plus the condo fees pay for gas and there are gas fireplaces in the unit so that means “free” heat.

    @17th and Kenyon The washer/dryer is in the bedroom upstairs so it actually makes a lot of sense and its in a closet.

    I think my friend paid $1500 last year(unfurnished) so this is a bit much.

  • This is still quite a seriously sketchy area…seriously!

    • The location’s really not that sketchy… seriously! But the price is way too high for that size and the neighborhood. Plus, since it’s a 1 br, presumably the w/d in the bedroom would be a big pain in the ass.

  • Where’s a Harris Teeter around there?

  • When I was looking for a place earlier this summer this was advertised at 2000. They never responded and when it was posted again it was at this price of 2200. The interior was definitely nice though.

  • Shut up……………You had me at Organic Dry Cleaners.

    weep weep.

  • That block itself isn’t particularly sketchy, but you don’t have to go more than a block or two to find the sketch.

  • I live in this building, and the owner will get this rent. We have a few units rented out, and this is the median price.

  • I think it might be almost fair market. One-bedrooms at the Dorchester House, right on the other side of the Meridian Hill park run $1500, with antiquated tiny kitchens and bathrooms, a laundry room in the basement, no balcony, no 42-in flatscreen TV, and common areas in continuous construction, all less than a block from the last murder in the neighborhood.

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