The Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan Gets More Fat Tire Beer

I had the pleasure of trying my first Fat Tire back in June at the Black Squirrel located at 2427 18th Street NW and I gotta say I was pretty impressed. So good news for fellow Fat Tire fans – from an email:

“There’s been such a huge demand for us to bring Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewery back, that we’ve gotten enough to last most of August. Therefore we’ve named August as Fat Tire Month. Along with Fat Tire, we also have these other beers from New Belgium Brewery: Mothership Wit, 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, and Ranger IPA. We’ve also brought back the brie-stuffed bison burger.”

Has anyone tried the bison burger?

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  • why no Squirrel Burger?

  • When is their basement tap room going to open?

  • Like Fat Tire, but grown tired of Black Squirrel.

  • Black Squirrel now, Black Squirrel forever. Black Squirrel conquers the universe. We are fans and we are thirsty. And we are legion. Whatever the hell that means.

  • I really don’t understand the fascination with Fat Tire. I’ve had it several times, and I thought it was just kind of ‘meh.’

  • seriously. does anyone else think fat tire blows? such an overrated beer.

  • Fat Tire’s buzz and cult-like following on the East Coast is a product of its scarcity. It’s cool b/c it’s hard to get, but the secret is that it really isn’t a special beer. It’s okay, but not tremendously flavorful or memorable.

    • Very true. I remember Fat Tire being really good when I first had it in Boulder 15 years ago (and god, how that makes me feel old!). But I think a lot of U.S. microbreweries have put out some much better beers since then, so it now pales in comparison.

    • Right, it seems to have the same appeal as Yuengling does to anyone not on the east coast.

  • It really isn’t anything special. The hype dates back to when kids would live out West for a summer during/after college. They would drink it out there and talk about it when they came home. This is way before the craft brew trend, so it was kind of unique.

    It is all over the place now, I cannot escape it. It bothers me b/c so many places put it on the menu and think they have a craft selection covered.

    It is not a bad brewery, the Ranger IPA is actually a decent beer. It just doesn’t hold a candle to East Coast breweries like DFH and Brooklyn.

  • I agree that Fat Tire is overrated, but I LOVE 1554. I may need to go get one of those.

  • Fat Tire is to craft brews as Yeungling/Coors was to macro-brews way back when. Doesn’t stand out as a beer in and of itself, but gets hyped due to limited/regional distribution.

  • Having moved from out west somewhat recently, I do miss Fat Tire a lot…not because it was a high-quality beer, but it really isn’t as bad as some people above have claimed. But the bigger problem out west is that most beers you get out there driven by truck across the country and taste NASTY by the time they get there. So Fat Tire is something you can find relatively easily out there and its flavor is decent and trustworthy.

    • don’t know where you were living on the West coast…there are great beers in Colorado that aren’t from New Belgium, i.e. Odell’s. Plus Oregon (not just PDX), Washington, California all have many great micro breweries.

      I love DFH, but there are tons of breweries on the West Coast that make phenomenal beer

  • What are you all talking about? New Belgium is tops in breweries and Fat Tire tops in beers. I was at their brewery in Fort Collins last week. Their summer IPA, BLAGO, is the best beer I’ve ever had!

  • Honestly, no opinion on the Fat Tire. What I’ve had was moderate. But I’m all about the Squirrel. See previous rant.

  • mmmm … how i miss my Sunshine and Easy Street Wheats

  • With an orange slice at Coopersmiths.

  • Justice34 is clueless if they really believe NB is ‘tops’.

    O’Dell’s flagships are way better than New Belgium. And Oskar Blues. And Avery. And Breckenridge. And Great Divide. And that’s just a few CO breweries off the top of my head.

    As has been already been mentioned, scarcity makes this beer a cult favorite east of Illinois. Same phenomenon with Yuengling west of PA, although the beers aren’t in the same league (Fat Tire is at least a solid craft beer).

    I hear New Belgium makes some great sour beers in their Lips of Faith line though – haven’t tried them yet – and some of their seasonals are very good. Fat Tire gets a lot of hype for being just an average Belgian Pale though.

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