The 5pm Post – TBD says Dino Looking to Open up a 2nd Location, Possibly in Columbia Heights

TBD’s Sommer Mathis is reporting some potentially very good news:

“Fans of Cleveland Park’s Dino, commence salivating. Chef/Owner Dean Gold says he’s conducting a serious search for a location to open a second restaurant.

Among the neighborhoods Gold is looking at most closely are Dupont Circle, Capitol Hill, and Columbia Heights.”

We judged Dino’s Cleveland Park location here. If they open a new place in Columbia Heights, I will once again attempt a back flip…

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  • dont tease me bro. i was already at low point after hearing about sportz zone and the lack of action by ellwood’s. this would cheer me up.

    does anybody want to organize a bus caravan to go down to Richmond and rally outside of ellwood’s store?

  • Would love Dino to come to Columbia Heights!! Lots of great store fronts to choose from. @anon-Richmond, I’m there.

  • Dino to Capitol Hill please!

  • Guys – REALLY hate to burst everyone’s bubble (and mine too), but I emailed Dean Gold tonight after reading this post to put my vote in for CH. Here is his response:

    We have actively looked in Columbia Heights but nothing worked out. It is a superb neighborhood and would actually be my first choice, or tied for first. We are looking for an existing space that we could remodel ideally, and that makes it harder for CH.”

    -Dean (Owner, Dino)

    SUCH a bummer, but I get it, they need to go someplace where the space is right and where they will get the best business. Guess I will have to keep trekking to Cleveland Park for their tasty italian. 🙁

  • The old Locanda space on the Hill would be ideal. The tables are still set in there like it’s stuck in time.

    Of course, with Acqua al 2 and Toscana Cafe opening up recently-ish, we aren’t hurting for good Italian on the Hill, but the Locanda space is crying out to be re-occupied!

  • Wherever they go, I hope they fix their bleeding sign. That thing looks awful.

  • Wow, no existing space that they could remodel? I am surprised that the former Mayorga space, or the space that used to house the furniture store in the PNC building, didn’t qualify. I really do think that a sit-down Italian place would do amazing business in Columbia Heights. Certainly, if there are room for three (or will it be four?) in a three block radius in Logan (after current plans are realized), CH can support one.

    I guess I’ll have to keep heading to Acqua al 2 and Posto, sigh.

  • I went here a few months ago and overpaid for bad food. Won’t be returning.

  • Capitol Hill, please!!!! H street is ready for you.

  • I’ll second, third or fourth the call for a Capitol Hill location – those other neighborhoods already have a Dino close by.

  • Yet another vote for Capitol Hill. I’ve only been to Dino once (since the current location is not at all convenient), and I can honestly say it’s the only Italian restaurant in this city that I’ve been impressed by. I think it would fit in very nicely in this neighborhood!

  • Don’t care about italian food, can’t care less

  • Capitol Hill would be great – but must also plug my new hood of Navy Yard / Near SE. A number of good retail spaces here, tons of residents and daytime employees, yet still no true sit down restaurants.

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