The 5pm Post – Pleasant Pops wants to open a Store Front in Petworth

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So says ANC 4C Chair Joe Martin. He writes on a few Listservs:

“I spoke to the owner of Pleasant Pops over the weekend. They are one of the vendors in the Petworth Market.

Pleasant Pops is looking for a store front in Petworth to call home. Please share your thoughts.

If you have any suggestions or support the notion, please write:

This is a no-brainer – they should move into the old Beveragemania spot at 849 Upshur St, NW. Right?

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  • yes, or by el Limeno (i think there is a storefront for lease there close to the laudromat)

  • Seconded for near El Limeno. There’s a charter school nearby so lots of kids wanting treats.

  • There is a space right next to qualia that has a For Lease sign. I would think it would get better foot traffic than on Upshur. Also, a space a couple of doors down from Looking Glass – again more foot traffic.

  • A whole store for popsicles? They are tasty but I’m not sure how that would work.

    • I know…that’s how the Locopops stores are in Durham and Chapel Hill, but I imagine in DC even a downtrodden store on Georgia Avenue could have way high rent. But you can’t get too far off the beaten path or you won’t have many customers.

    • There’s one in Nashville that is AMAZING. It was even featured on Bobby Flay’s smackdown…

  • Please fill the beveragemania storefront!

  • The Beveragemania spot would probably get way more foot traffic than El Limeno and seems like a great idea. I think there’s an empty storefront on Shepherd at the corner with Georgia (next to the Pink Snapper – used to be Flyy Couture I think?). Also the closed Goins market at Georgia & Shepherd across the street.

    What about pairing with another business that would appeal to people in the winter? A coffee shop seems a natural fit. Qualia is a tight space but it would be worth talking to them. Also maybe Tynan coffee going into Park Place.

  • Beveragemania spot!

  • how about that spot in park place that the cafe was supposed to go?

  • Why not a pushcart or a truck? You have a compact, singular item with a long tradition of being sold from trucks. I’d love to see storefronts occupied too, but don’t see this paying the rent.

    • I would bet that they need a space for making the pops long-term, and I doubt they’d give up the mobile cart… Seems like it’d be crazy to stop going to the farmers markets and metro stops and such… But they could also make all the pops and sell them in one storefront space.

      Of course, I’m just guessing.

  • There’s a small but very cool-looking building on rock creek church road right next to Sweet Mango. It’s boarded up and rundown and I think it might actually be used by Sweet Mango for storage. But I always figured in a couple years that would make a great little coffee or sandwich shop…or popsicle shop!

  • The Beveragemania spot will be perfect!

  • The Beveragemania spot sounds great, but I wonder how they would make it without diversifying their product line. Also, if they want to reach the whole community, they probably need to offer lower prices than they do at the Petworth farmer’s market.

  • Lots of dingy old dilapidated storefronts on georgia Ave. & Upshur. The advantage would be that a lot of these buildings aren’t financially feasible to renovate for restaurants (too small), and they’re too small and dilapidated to operate as retail buildings. But! A concept such as this that would be less prep intense might fit well in one of these little old buildings. Brightened up, it might make a real showing. Also, I’ve heard that ice cream parlors have a soothing effect on a community, almost as though they are sacred space. Anyone ever here of an ice cream store getting robbed? Do these guys have a website?

  • Every time you post that photo, I think it looks like slabs of meat and cheese on sticks, not refreshing popsicles.

  • I think someone responded to the listserv and said the owner is looking for a place with dedicated parking for their truck. Upshur St. doesn’t have that so those sites are out.

  • Yes, Beveragemania!! Upshur needs more active stores!

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