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  • Huh. I was thinking they were doing that deliberately….

  • why not? stains hold up differently to sun/heat. One might like to know what they look like after 6 months of actual-use.

    • the issue isn’t whether or not to test, but WHERE you test. you should always test, but use a scrap piece of wood. trust me.

  • Yeah, that’s deliberate. Can’t exactly go with a light stain over the dark stains.

  • Reminds me of an article in Practical Sailor where they tested different brands of anti-fouling bottom paint on a piece of fiberglass over time, submerged in a salt water harbor.

  • This building at 13th and Penn SE is going to be a showroom for Dila construction. Here, as you find in a hardware store, is a real world application of hues for folks to consider. If you look around back of this wall, there is a similar rainbow of exterior vinyl siding colors.

    Inside is supposedly kitchen and bath options.

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