Shooting, Murder in Adams Morgan Last Night

Photo of Wed. Night’s Crime Scene by PoPville flickr user Faucetini

“Dear PoP,

What do you know about a shooting last night in Adams Morgan at Euclid and Mozart. I live at the Dorchester, and due to renovations in the lobby have been using the Euclid entrance. Saw the crime scene tape. A little unnerving to say the least.”

Sadly there was a homicide. MPD released the following:

“On August 11, 2010, at approximately 9:11 PM, a male victim was shot in the 2500 block of Mozart Place, N.W. The victim succumbed to his injuries and was later pronounced dead. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099.”

Unfortunately this is the second homicide this section of Adams Morgan has seen this summer. A few weeks ago we learned that an arrest had been made in the previous homicide at 17th and Euclid St, NW from June.

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  • Isn’t this the same block as a rental of the day from a week ago?

  • Let’s just shut down Euclid street. Nothing good seems to come from there.
    This heat wave better subside soon, or DC is going to break out into civil war. This really makes me miss snowpocalypse.

    • civil war? you overreact a lot. violent crime is always a very sad thing and troublesome, but it is decreasing all the time.

      • + 1 Back in the Rayful Edmonds days, this was a daily occurrence. DC has come along way from what it was.

        • +1000. I don’t want to minimize the tragedy that is each homicide, but DC is on track this year to have its lowest number of homicides since 1966.

          • Oh good, so now instead of one a day we get one every 3rd day, what lame progress and how clearly we still tolerate it by applauding a good solid hundred homicides each year. Comparison with the past is no use for us living with it week after week. How many juvenile arrests annually? How many kids with single and incarcerated parents? How many hanggun slingers slinking around. Continuing crime like this in the heart of the city serves to disgrace our nation’s capital and humanity.

  • I live on Fuller and heard the shots- this was not a normal handgun the shots were in rapid succession. The cars parked on Mozart had bullets in them. Hope they caught the person/people who did it on the elementary school’s surveillance camera. The neighborhood is a great place to live if you know the right streets to walk down.

    • i think i’d have to respectfully disagree that a neighborhood is a “great place to live” if you can only walk down certain streets and may get gunned down on others.

      • I’m with CB on this one. I live at the apartment building where this crime occurred, and I still disagree with you, anon.

        I am absolutely in love with this part of the city, except for evenings like this one. Hell, there are certain *sides* of the street I won’t walk on, but that goes along with my “better safe than sorry” mentality.

        • Can you explain further? Are there “*sides*” of the street that you never walk on, or just when it looks like there are sketchy people? I am very curious about Euclid – I love Adams Morgan and used to live there for a few months. I always heard sketchy things about Euclid in particular but it was always vague. Are there clear areas where you actually aren’t safe to walk, or is it just that crime seems to generally happen there more frequently?

      • anon: In practically ANY DC neighborhood it’s true that certain streets are much safer to walk down than others. Unless you can afford to live in Georgetown, or are willing to live in the suburbs, you simply learn what the bad surrounding streets are and try to avoid them.

        • saf

          Dude, Georgetown ain’t utopia either. And neither are the burbs.

          • Oh, I know. But you usually don’t hear the “let’s not walk down this street because that one is safer” talk. Of course, in the suburbs it’s because you’re usually driving, not walking.

          • saf

            @caroline – yeah, you don’t.Still, there are a lot of streets in Georgetown I would advise against walking down at night. it’s really easy to get mugged there.

    • What would be the right streets? I used to live at 16th and Euclid and always thought it was better to look for parking towards 17th Street because 15th always seemed kind of scary at night. But I guess I’d be wrong, these days at least.

  • I recently moved from 11th and Euclid to 16th and Euclid. I thought that I was upgrading to a safer part of the street, but apparently not. I do agree with CB and Kalorini though- generally this is a great area to live in…it’s just sad that incidents like this are becoming a common occurrence.

  • I dated someone who lived at 17th & Euclid about 15 years ago. Sounds like not much has changed. Is there still that house on the corner, with 5 generations of family dysfunction spilling out onto the stoop and the sidewalk every day and night?

  • Not this discussion again! There are people who can live in the city and enjoy the vitality and culture and there are people like anon who live in Reston or Gaithersburg or somewhere like that. They feel safe in those places. Anon should know that he is more likely to be murdered by someone in his family with a gun or some by other means regardless of where he lives. In the city you take additional precautions for safety but it is definitely a great place to live.

    • by the way, anon lives in petworth, and there are several armed robberies weekly in my neighborhood (i get the text alerts every time), and i don’t mind it all that much. and prior to that, i lived about 4 blocks from where this shooting took place in adams morgan.

      the point of my post was to show the inherent contradiction in saying that “The neighborhood is a great place to live if you know the right streets to walk down.” to someone who didn’t know the area, that would make ZERO sense.

  • This is why the condos around that area always seem to be selling for less than you think they should.

  • shit happens. get over it. don’t walk down sketchy side streets at night. if you are nervous to be walking somewhere, then you probably shouldn’t be there. but i agree, it is kind of scary living in a place where this stuff happens. and no, i don’t live in bethesda, i live 2 blocks from that shooting. i also grew up in the middle of a big city, so don’t whine at me about how i should move to the suburbs. if this doesn’t at least freak you out a little, then you need to get your head checked.

  • Thanks for posting. That was an interesting article.

  • The people who live on the corner of 17th and Euclid are connected to the majority of the crime in this part of the neighborhood. I live near from these monsters and am continually harassed by them or am subject to their kids begging for something as they sit on their poarch and drink all day. I understand they own their eye sore of a home and cannot be evicted, but something else has to be done. Don’t call me racist..I am of their same racial background. I’v contact Jim Graham and the police about them. What other alternatives do we have as neighbors who have to put up with this?

    • Just start planting lots of secret motion sensitive cameras and catch nice shots of the punks on your own video, then post it on our new secure members-only citizen safe communities task force website. Yeah right…If neener lived next door he’d already know all their names and myspace pages!

  • Oreos do exist you know.

  • I’ve lived at 17 & Euclid for about a year now and until the first shooting this spring (the one that DIDN’T result in homicide) I never really thought twice about walking down any of the streets around me at night. I had no idea this block was \notorious\ when I moved in. I still feel pretty safe but now I avoid certain blocks and often ask friends to walk me home late at night on the weekends. It sucks, I don’t want to get caught up in any of these assholes’ crossfire.

  • 1-7 (17th and Euclid) is feuding with 14th and Girard

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