Shake Your Booty Closes on 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan

Looks like Shake Your Booty clothing store has closed at 2206 18th St NW next to the relatively new Adams Morgan Coffee. I tried calling their phone number to see if they had moved but the number was disconnected. Anyone know if they plan on opening at a new location or if they’ve closed for good?

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  • Horrible name and pricey locale. Someones trust fund was drained needlessly.

  • I thought that building was going through a condo conversion. Might that have something to do with it?

  • I don’t agree about the name but will say that the last few times I poked around in the shop, I was surprised at the poor quality of the clothes as compared to the outrageous prices. It was probably time for them to die.

  • Another victim of ideeli?

  • When Shake Your Booty first opened (in the old Maggie Moo’s space) they featured mostly shoes. Not alway cheap, but great styles and designers. They were then forced to move up the street into a smaller space (where the paint-your-own potter place is now) and still carried good shoes. When they moved down the last location (under new ownership) they really went away from shoes and focused more on clothes. It’s too bad they closed though (they are indeed out of business and have not just moved).

    We can now add them to the list of great day-time retail that could no longer afford to stay in Adams Morgan: Daisy, Shake Your Booty, All About Jane, Miss Pixie’s… sigh…

  • The residential and retail space in that building is being renovated by Urban Investment Partners (UIP)– I believe that they are planning on starting construction quite soon.

  • Shooooot – I had a store credit to use there! They did have some cute dresses, despite the fact that they were horribly overpriced.

    • Just a quick question for you – Would you travel possibly out of your way to go to a store with unique, cute and inexpensive clothes?

      I ask because I am helping my sister open a store in KS and I will love to open a store here in DC but I think it would have to be someplace off the beaten path, otherwise, the rent is too astronomical. On the flipside, I am not sure a clothing store could survive on a street with less than heavy foot traffic.

      • To go back to a store, it has to be: Original/creative, reasonably priced and great customer service. Maybe if you guys offered a styling service or something. Anything that’s reachable through bus/metro is good deal. Or maybe work out something with an existing store. Advertise using: word of mouth, social network, blogs and a groupon/living social/buy with me, etc. And I’m with Molly, just moved from Bloomingdale, but it’s a good neighborhood.

  • Maybe they’ll reopen somewhere else, with the name Afternoon Delight.

  • Lei, you and your sister might want to look into the area in 1st street NW in bloomingdale where Rustica is about to open… we’re a centrally located neighborhood perishing for retail.

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