Sabores Temporarily Closes in Cleveland Park

“Dear PoP,

Maybe you’d be interested to know that Sabores has “unexpectedly closed” (Groupon had emailed everyone who had bought a Groupon for Sabores about receiving a refund). I have no idea why but it has been closed for quite a while. The rumor on the CP listserve was that is was due to “electrical problems” and that they were working it out with the landlords. The sign said that it was closed due to “complications”.”

And by today they also mean tomorrow

I’ve been getting a few emails about the closure of Sabores. This comes on the heels of last Sunday’s closure of the great Yanni’s Greek restaurant located across the street from Sabores. Sabores was located at 3433 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Were there any fans?

Update: Sept. 10 – a reader reports that Sabores has re-opened.

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  • I heard the reason was because it was becoming Philly Water Ice. Sigh. Cleveland Park ain’t what it used to be.

  • Thank god that there’s competition for Rita’s coming to town! Yeah! Uh.. yeah.

    Anyway, pretty soon every vacant store front in the entire city will be converted to a flavo-r-ice vendor, cupcake studio, or a nail salon. At which point reality will cease to exist, and the entire city will disappear and be replaced by a cabbage.

  • A+ for spelling. I have never seen a handwritten sign where every word was spelled correctly. Grammatical too, although style could be better.

  • Major bummer – this place was very good.

  • That space still shares a kitchen with Club Soda on the lower level, no? Are they owned by the same people?

    Club Soda calls itself a “lounge and sports bar,” but its menu seems filled with Sabores-esque tapas. Now this is pure speculation, but perhaps they’re changing the menu to food that’s more in line with the sports bar aspect. Perhaps it’s a move to bring that spot more in line with its Park Bench Pub glory days, when both upstairs and downstairs were considered the same place.

    Or hell, it’s becoming yet another water-ice place. I’m guessing such stores don’t need kitchens.

  • i walked by Lavandou the other day and it looked closed for good. there were plants in front of the door.

    can anyone confirm?

  • Get used to it if you aren’t already. Cleveland Park might as well be North Korea, considering how so many activist residents like to pretend that the sun rises and sets on their command. They’d rather have a row of vacant storefronts than a vibrant neighborhood that may attract outsiders

    • So is CP the new Mt. Pleasant? Or is it the other way around.

      • Mount Pleasant’s perceived anti-business reputation (whether such a reputation is deserved or not) will take years to overcome, as we’re seeing now with the decrepitude of the Mount Pleasant Street strip. Bars and restaurants simply are afraid to even attempt to open there, because they look at the past messes caused by Laurie Collins and her ilk and simply say it’s not worth it.

        I would think CP would be in better shape, simply because of Metro accessibility.

        • the “Wicked Witch of the East of the Park” moved to Cleveland Park and is directly involved with Cleveland Park businesses. It is a joke that you’d write that and not know who is overseeing all the new businesses coming into Cleveland Park.

          Mt Pleasant’s anti-business reputation was due to one person who is now gone.

  • Hmmm. This place has been closed for a little bit now. I believe they shared the same kitchen as Club Soda. There was a Health Department sign on the door heading into Club Soda and its now gone. Then a few days later Sabores closed due to “complications”.

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