Results Gym Closing at City Vista in Mt. Vernon Square Sept. 1

Normally we’re used to hearing exciting news or at least exciting scuttlebutt when talking about City Vista in Mt. Vernon Square. This is the first time I can remember big news of a closing. Many readers are bummed and last night sent emails like the following:

“Dear PoP,

I’m a relatively new MVT condo owner (bought in 2009) and was devastated to hear from an excellent source with firsthand knowledge that the Results in City Vista will close abruptly on September 1st. This is terrible stuff, especially for the staff that will lose their jobs.

I’m writing to break the news in the hope that it will spread and cause such an uproar that it will make the Results brass reconsider…”

Another reader sent in definitive word from one of the trainers so I’m afraid an enormous uproar won’t be able to make Results reconsider at this point. But perhaps another gym can/will move into the space?

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  • Well, I’m not really surprised – three more gyms are nearby – 2 Vida Fitness and 1 WSC…

  • One of the reasons the word on the street is to not buy long term memberships at Results, at any Results.

    • Why so? The one on U St has been there for almost 10 years.

      • The one on U street is closing. Lease is expiring. Will become a Vida fitness before the end of the year. The designs for the space look amazing. The Washington Post did an article on Vida’s plans a few weeks ago (includes a rooftop pool with cabanas if you can believe it).

        • Vida’s owner is a self absorbed jerk… I have been a member at both Results (originally) and Vida and while they are both professionals at self-flagellating, Vida’s owner takes the cake.
          The post article really highlights that… but I will say I love love love their showers at Vida. Lemon sugar scrub, yes please!

        • No way that U St location is a Vida before the end of the year. The lease ends in 2011 and that would be a world record for construction looking at what Vida has planned.

  • I’m a member of the CV Results and just received the following email explaining the closure:

    Effective September 1, 2010

    We are so sorry and really tried, but it looks like we got to this party too early. This neighborhood is going to be one of the best in the city in a few years. We were prepared to go the distance, but factors beyond our control prevented us from doing that.

    You deserve an explanation. Here are the primary reasons.

    The development of the Mt.Vernon triangle area slowed considerably which delayed the sales of condos and apartments in the City Vista neighborhood.

    Roughly half the members needed to sustain the monthly expenses

    Unanticipated $18,000 monthly tax bill on top of the $60,000 monthly rent

    2 years of vacant retail/restaurant spaces on our side of the building

    Four major floods from the apartments above

  • Just got that email too. I am pissed. I know it’s beyond their control…but there are no other gyms I can afford in the area. This is so annoying. I loved that gym and the staff that worked there! Bummer 🙁

  • Honest answer; I don’t see how an $18k tax bill would be “unanticipated” unless their accountants screwed up big time.

    • The DC appraisal on my house went up by 14% for the 2010 tax year. Maybe it’s something similar. Wish I knew how DC made this stuff up, we seem to have as crappy of a neighborhood as ever.

  • The tax bill is a moot issue if they only have half the members they need to break even.

    I really hope this turns into another gym. Seems like the build out to turn it into anything else would tend to be cost inhibitive. Maybe Vida has enough cash flow to keep this space going until it can become profitable.

  • I’ve been a member there for about a year now – I joined solely on the reputation of their other locations – unfortunately the Mt Vernon location really kind of sucked. Very poorly laid out space – you could tell that the people who laid out the space didn’t actually use the equipment. For example, the free weight racks are arranged more for decorative room dividing purposes than to be actually useful – the weight benches are all the on the other side of the room – I guess they really don’t expect anybody to actually use any of the dumbbells that are more than 40 lbs or something – it certainly never occurred to anybody that people who weight train might want to use heavy weights and that maybe the weight benches should be located somewhat near where the weights are. Way way too much emphasis on the aerobic/stretching and very little on the actual weights and weight training (nothing wrong with a “girl’s” gym – just not what I expected from their other locations. Lots of little things wrong with the place and complaints were ignored. They had floods in the spring and rather than fix the place back up, half the gym remains a construction zone with wires and cables and temporary industrial lighting all over the place. A refund of some sort offered to those who are paying big bucks and putting up with that sort condition? LOLOL. I’m seriously glad the place is closing – I’ll never join a RESULTS again.

    • When’s the last time you were there? Construction zone? Not for months, bub.

      If you hated the layout when you toured it, why did you join?

      • dude I was there last night in fact – plastic sheeting in place of a ceiling, cables snaking along the floor, industrial work lights providing light. Evidently if you’re not seeing this, you’re not visiting the free weight/machine area, bub, the treadmills are fine. It’s but what – 2-3 months now?

        as for the layout – 1) they’ve removed an entire section of machines and moved things around since I’ve joined – those are actually what I noticed on my tour – the things they ended up removing – also go check out where they rearranged the Rock-it machine area – specifically how close they put the back row machine to the windows – that’s a negligence lawsuit waiting to happen and would be quite apparant to anyone who worked there who actually used it – but they don’t. I’ve complained about that and the layout of the free weights at least 3 different times to 3 different managers when I was there – complete indiffernce 2) never occurred to me that the positioning of where free weights are in relationship to the actual benches would be an issue in a gym with the rep of Results – its really only after you get there and use the place a bit do you realize how poorly designed it is. Next gym I join I’ll have to pay closer attention, as I’ve said, I had primarily joined Results on the basis of their reputation from their other locations. Long story short – I’m really not surprised it is folding up – not enough there to attract anything other than girls on treadmills (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but not what I’m expecting in a Results gym) – funny the way they’re blaming the neighborhood for their failings but otherwise not wondering why they were unable to achieve the membership that they needed.

  • Outrageously expensive Gyms have seen their day. I too was once a “gym sucker.”

    Most people have learned through time and this recession to live within their means. Gyms are a luxury most people won’t or can’t justify paying for.

    This is why the Y is almost always packed and they are still here after 166 years.

    I am not sorry to see these places close.

    • Isn’t the Y downtown about the same cost as Results? About $90 to $100 per month?

      • I just left Results for the Y (for the pool though, I was very happy with their service and gyms). It’s $73 a month for an adult membership there.

  • unanticipated tax bill? It isn’t a property tax bill as they were leasing the space and didn’t own it. Sounds like their accountant didn’t get pass remedial math.

    The “floods” from above should have all been covered by the buildings insurance. Why would they be out any money at all?

    Seriously, businesses shouldn’t put out emails like that. It just makes if obvious how incompetant they are.

    And yes…$~ 80-90 bucks a month for a gym membership is insane.

  • Anybody else hearing the rumor that Vida might come there? Vida, if you are listening, we’d welcome you with open arms.

  • I agree with Frankie. $80-90 a month for a gym is absurd in DC, even if the economy were better.

  • not the first place to close in the building. the cell phone store on 5th street closed earlier this year.

    food and bars, food and bars, food and bars—that’s all that seems to work around here.

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