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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

I’ll start with a rave – the talk of a Petworth Safeway redevelopment by the folks behind City Vista has me at a near giddy level.

And a rant: hearing about the murder of the student in Sherman Circle who was just riding his bike home has put an empty pit in my stomach. It is the feeling of frustration, sadness and anger. A feeling, sadly, felt far too often.

I would like to express my condolences to the family of Mr. Neil Michael Godleski.

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  • Revel: My roofer fixed my roof for free today, as a courtesy for my continued business.

    Rant: reCAPTCHA images that are 50% of the time completely illegible.

  • Rave: managed to get to the Montgomery County Fair on its last day and had a blast!

    Rant: kids who think (or have been told by their parents) that they have a right to push their way to the front row at the pig races when they show up at the last minute. Other families got there early enough to get a place in the front — why can’t you?

  • It is the feeling of frustration, sadness and anger. A feeling, sadly, felt far too often.

    RANT: This – I love this city, but I’m starting to feel hopeless that we will ever have an effective, responsible local government (subrant: both Fenty and Gray strike me as cynical, venal clowns + I can’t bring myself to vote for either of them.)

    RAVE: Swimming at dusk at Palisades Pool yesterday – beautiful and really, really relaxing.

    • Re: Fenty and Gray: You are not alone there.

      Rave: This wonderful weather, along with a pleasant, cooler forecast for the rest of the week, more than makes up for the miserable sauna that was this past weekend.

    • Well they can’t actually. Over half the city does not believe in punishing people for minor crimes. You’ve got politicians that accurately represent the people’s will.

  • Revel: There are plans for an upgraded Petworth Safeway

    Rant: Still undecided on Gray vs. Fenty.

  • rant: the person tagging buildings around columbia heights about gentrification. this idiot tagged a tailor’s business on 11th between fairmont and girard (next to the laundry mat). if this person was actually from the neighborhood they would know that this business has been there for many years and is not part of the gentrification and not vacate. i am guessing that this person is actually a gentrifier not from CH themselves.

  • rant: Everyone seems to be moving away for grad school. Am finding myself suddenly lonely in this fine city.
    rave: Going on a big family beach trip next week.

    • Rant: I’ve been feeling the same way. Friends moving for gradschool, or are now in serious relationships that involve never venturing outside their houses

      Rave: Lots of happy hours planned this week!

    • All my peeps moved when they got married and kid-ed … it is a bit sad when you’re alone here. Why does everyone move away??

  • Rave: I have seats right behind the vistor’s dugout for tonights Nats vs. Cubs game. Go Cubs!

    Rant: There is a chance of thunderstorms tonight. 🙁

    Rave: Scored front row center balcony seats for a Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre. Seats went on sale today. Don’t wait people.

  • revels: visited the Ward 8 farmer’s market and the basilica this weekend and they were great. My coworker brought in muffins this morning. My job involves some really nice people. vacation next week!

    rants: my apartment is a mess and I have no one to blame but myself. My job involves some really frustrating people. I don’t want to vote for Fenty OR Gray (or Alexander!).

  • Rant: Mail service in DC is abysmal. At least one piece of mail we receive each day is misdelivered and belongs a few blocks away.

    It makes me wonder who is getting our mail.

  • Rave – Glenn Beck Teabaggers are being warned to stay off the Green & Yellow lines (too dangerous!)

    Rant – I’m loosing income this weekend as I won’t rent my vacation apt. to teabaggers, and everyone else wants to avoid the city.

    Anyone have family or friends want to visit DC this weekend? – I’m offering special liberal-socialist-tree hugger rates!

  • Rave: really wonderful first date last night at yummy italian restaurant. Mmmmmm, tasty!!

    Rant: ex friend moving back to the city soon … how does one break up with a friend? Tough.

    Xtra Rave: another first date tonight!

    • Be honest and tell them why you no longer wish to be friends with them (for example: You lied to me about XYZ and I don’t like liars; You always expect me to pay when we go to the movies and frankly it’s a drain on my finances…) Or do as I did…”You’re completely obnoxious and I really don’t like you or spending my time with you.” That may seem a mite harsh, but she deserved it.

  • Rave: I quit smoking.
    Rant: I quit smoking.
    Rant: I want a cigarette.
    Rant: Wine goes so well with cigarettes.
    Rant: Coffee goes so well with cigarettes.
    Rant: Pensive moods go so well with cigarettes.
    Rant: Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra’s ‘Kiss the Sky’ goes so well with cigarettes.
    Rant: and on and on and on….

    • Rave: Clear, healthy lungs go with not smoking cigarettes.

    • Good luck, Gretchen!

      Sooner or later the affiliation with coffee, beer, wine, thoughtful pauses, etc. will go away, but it definitely takes its sweet time! The feeling that you can finally really breathe again does help as a motivator, but that can take a while, too.

      Hang in there!

      • And if you discover any new tips, please share. My boyfriend hasn’t yet successfully quit and my support is apparently not enough!

        • My boyfriend successfully transitioned from smoker to non-smoker w/ an electic cigarette, he used Cloud 9 brand. After a couple months with that he was able to quit everything and has been nicotine free for a year!

        • I’m at just over 3 months without cigarettes. I recommend pneumonia. That’s how I did it.

  • Rave– the demolition of my garage roof is almost completed, and they will start rebuilding it tomorrow.

    Rant: the worthless POS kids who keep breaking into vacant house next door despite me catching her several times. The city boarded up the basement windows, but did such a crappy job that they just pull the plywood off and go back in whenever they think no one is looking.

    WTF is up with your illegible captchas?

  • Rave: Had a great weekend, including an exhausting Sunday volunteered to paint, clean, and otherwise spruce up a community space. I love those moments of feeling a part of a wonderful, accepting community working to make the neighborhood a better place to be.

    Rant: Being forced to watch the beautiful day go by from inside my office. I should have called out from work for a mental health day and found a comfy spot to enjoy the sun, a good book, and a nice cold iced tea. Or weeded my front garden. Even chores sound good on a day like today!

  • I think he means \affiliation with the ANTI-gentrification movement\

  • That didn’t make a lot of sense did it?

  • Rant: Weeded my postage stamp-sized front garden on Saturday. Where does all this crab grass come from? And I still ache all over.

    Rave: Weeded my postage stamp-sized front garden on Saturday.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Hi Popville, I miss you.

  • Rant: Sucks to take your kid out to enjoy the Majestic Sherman Circle Trees only to later learn that evil doers lurk among them (or nearby). (no lights!) or (fuckers)

    Rave: What a beautiful day today around the Petworth Mountaintop, glistening sky, wonderful clouds, gentle cool breezes, I am sure Mr. Godleski would have been smiling.

  • Rant: DC is filled with the nastiest, most arrogant and uptight human beings I’ve ever met in my life. I probably ruined my life by coming here for grad school, and now I have $50+K in debt and can’t get a job elsewhere due to the economy.

    Double rant: My grad school friends, who are probably the only reasons I’m not suicidal, are all moving overseas.

    • If you want to join your friends, I’m betting you can get LOTS of help packing. You’re here, and clearly you haven’t made wise choices about who you are hanging out with. So put on your big boy pants and try to enjoy yourself and this marvelous city.

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